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Osaka, Japan – 8 February 2019 – The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka announced the appointment of Aldo Chiloiro as the new chef of Splendido, the Italian restaurant on the 1st floor.

Hailing from the Italian town of Monteiasi, situated in the Puglia region between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Chef Aldo has had an interest in cookery from an early age. He would accompany his mother twice a day to the markets for fresh ingredients, and instead of playing with clay he would knead bread. This time spent during his childhood naturally led him to treat cooking as something to be enjoyed. Later, he would go on to enter the local culinary school. After gaining experience from working as a chef for seven years at an Italian restaurant in Tuscany, and a further seven years as a chef in Singapore, before taking up his new post at Splendido he displayed his skills as the head chef at the Italian restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Singapore. There, he served cuisine that beguiled the taste buds of the many visitors to the hotel. At the young age, he has already devoted 20 years to the world of cookery. Making full use of both his traditional Italian technique and the rich knowledge he has cultivated in the cultural melting pot of Singapore, he will forge a new culinary path here, in Osaka.

From his upbringing in Puglia, rich in fresh seafood and local farm produce, Chef Aldo beliefs in respecting the ingredients by using recipes that make the best use of their flavors.

Furthermore, he is fond of traveling, and has visited a lot of countries. He spoke of his anticipation for visiting various places in Japan and making new discoveries about the local ingredients, as well as his desire to cook in Japan as a chef for the first time: "More than anything else, I'm looking forward to learning about Japanese culture and food. I want to actively incorporate Japan's seasonal ingredients into our cooking and bring joy to the guests visiting Splendido."