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Spa Alkemia

"The spa is a unique, immersive place blending ancestral and modern Mexico. Here, one can transform physically and emotionally."



To transform, one must surrender entirely to that which it seeks. Inspired by this power of change, Spa Alkemia provides a playground of peaceful healing inspired by nature and tradition. The lushly landscaped setting is an oasis amid the desert, blurring the border between indoors and out. Here, treatments are performed in secluded settings amid the rich foliage, body scrubs are created in the moment and from local ingredients and ancient rituals are used to cleanse the body and clear the mind.


Water, in all its forms, has been a healer across cultures and centuries, used to promote circulation, strengthen the immune system and soothe aching muscles. At Spa Alkemia, an open-air circuit uses elements including temperature and pressure to take guests on a transformative, pre-treatment journey.



Set within the garden spa, this shaded lounge pays homage to Mexico’s traditional
town squares where people gather to relax and socialize. Spa guests are invited to sample an array of refreshing paletas, or popsicles, as well as healthy beverages and snacks.



Open to the elements and inspired by traditional Mexican design, Spa Alkemia showcases nature in various forms: spa cuisine served in a garden lounge; compresses crafted from local herbs and treatment rooms enveloped by nature. For details or reservations, please contact the spa directly.

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