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The Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach are driven by passion, shaped by human connections and rooted in finely honed expertise.

Recreation Manager Boris Pauletig

Boris Pauletig


Pauletig has been an integral part of the resort for 14 years, joining the property just six months after its opening. His journey began as a pool attendant, and he was quickly promoted to his current position in which he oversees all pool and beach activities. Understanding unspoken wishes and needs comes naturally to Pauletig, and guests consistently return to the resort because of his exemplary customer service and ability to make human connections.   

“True connection isn’t about language; it’s about connecting with the heart. Communication is simple if you put your heart into it.”


I oversee the pool and beach activities at the resort and am always focused on personalizing the experience for every guest.


There is no one way to provide a great service experience. It’s about listening to guests and making a connection. This means living in the moment and being present. In the end, that is what we do at The Ritz-Carlton.

Pastry Chef Stuart Whalan

Stuart Whalan


Growing up in New Zealand as the son of a baker, Whalan remembers the smell of fresh bread wafting through the house on its way to feed the people of his small village. His upbringing along with his interest in technique and craft drew Whalan into the pastry world. Since joining The Ritz-Carlton in 2005, he has traveled the world assisting other hotels with their pasty programs and collaborating with incredible chefs.

“My relationships with fellow Ladies and Gentlemen are my most important takeaway from working with The Ritz-Carlton. I truly believe these relationships are what have made me successful.”


I push boundaries with my desserts, and The Ritz-Carlton wholeheartedly welcomes my creativity. My signature creations blend both classic and modern techniques.


I love inspiring guests with new flavors and creating art on the plate. My travels have inspired me to experiment with gluten- and dairy-free options that are just as exciting as their traditional counterparts.