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From the vineyards of Reims, France, with a heritage dating back to 1843, combined with a master chef that transcends fine dining into high art, the region’s first and smallest fine dining restaurant is born, introducing La Table Krug by Y.

“With every bite, a ‘rough luxury cuisine d'author’ experience unfolds into a symphony of flavors, leaving diners in pure levitation,” says General Manager, Bernard de Villèle.

A play on the words "experiment" and "experience," the EXPeRiMENCe 0.1 menu by Executive Chef Yann Bernard Lejard unveils a sensual 8-course journey with every bite awakening both the palate and mind. With each dish artfully plated in a Picasso-like form, the menu highlights the most elegant cuisine including signatures like the: Hamour lemon ginger, light foie gras and Oscietra caviar; Local Bahraini vegetables with confit lobster and mango emulsion; and the Elbow Pasta cooked in a risotto style with unctuous coriander, truffle and quail. Desserts will also surprise like the Blueberry Parfait in chocolate crust with coconut coulis and more.

“The menu EXPeRiMENCe will be like a never-ending story with each menu numbered in order to create a unique dining experience for each guest that is never the same. The dishes will change daily based on my inspiration and feelings, and I will ensure a menu that is always daring, playful, unexpected, and most importantly, without limits,” says Executive Chef Yann Bernard Lejard.

To learn more, call (+973) 1758 6699 or make a reservation via Email.

Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday from 7 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.