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Planning Your Trip

Nestled among the limestone karsts, mangrove forests and pristine beaches of Thailand’s southern town of Krabi, this idyllic property on the Andaman Sea is perfect for relaxation or as a base camp for exploring the spectacular nature just beyond your front door. Here’s what to pack to make the most of your visit.  

Spa Retreat

Plan to spend an entire day luxuriating at the property’s spectacular spa tucked into a tropical jungle. While just about everything is provided at the spa, bring a few essentials:


  • Comfort is paramount, so pack loose-fitting clothing made from natural materials like cotton and linen for lounging before and after your treatment.  
  • Bring a bathing suit. Guests are required to wear appropriate swimwear in the thermal suites and outdoor vitality pools.
  • Pack that book you’ve been meaning to read and unwind after your treatments in one of the indoor relaxation lounges.

Outdoor Adventure

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool at the resort or venturing farther afield for some exhilarating outdoor activities, be sure to bring these key items:



  • Expect hot and humid weather year-round. Pack light layers and focus on natural, breathable materials like cotton and linen.
  • A couple of bathing suits are essential for any visitor and an easy cover-up like a sarong or lightweight shorts and shirt are ideal for strolls.
  • Pack simple sandals for a day at the beach and at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes for jungle exploration.  

Cultural Considerations

Thai residents favor a more conservative dress code, both at the beach and in town. Here’s what to bring to be mindful of local customs:


  • Most Thai women swim and visit the beach wearing more modest attire, and some even in shirts and pants. While this is not necessary for visitors, a more full-coverage swimsuit is suggested.
  • Swimsuits are, of course, welcome at the beach and pools, but when venturing into town, street clothing — shirts, shorts and shoes — for both men and women is expected.
  • Especially in the heat, comfort is key when packing, but locals tend to edge toward beach formal, meaning: cotton polo shirts rather than tanks for men and longer, flowing skirts rather than short skirts for women.




Don’t Forget:

Rainy season traditionally runs from May through October, so be sure to bring a light waterproof layer.

From relaxing beachside or at the infinity pool to spending a day at the spa, from tuk-tuk rides to nearby cultural sites to gourmet dining, there’s something for everyone in Krabi. Here’s what to arrange in advance.

Museum Tickets and Cultural Sights

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Board a traditional long boat for the short ride to Hong Island, a dazzling island within Than Bokkhorani National Park famed for its white beaches, coral reefs and seclusion. Or take a private cultural tour to visit a local market, make a food offering to local monks, and witness a blessing ceremony at Tiger Cave Temple.  

Spa Appointments

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Enjoy traditionally inspired Thai, Asian and European treatments in the property’s extraordinary spa, surrounded by the jungle with the soft sounds of the Andaman Sea in the distance. Book one of the signature experiences like the holistic Energy-Balancing Ritual with volcanic stones that includes acupressure, essential oils and gentle stretching; the Sun Soothing Ritual with an ESPA Pink Mud wrap, massage and facial; or the Thai Herbal Infusion Ritual, which employs herbal poultices to warm the muscles before the massage, and finishes with a facial and scalp  

Dining Reservations

With six on-site restaurants, there are ample opportunities to experience the local Thai cuisine. While the more casual dining options don’t require a reservation, it’s wise to book a table in advance at the 22-seat Lae Lay, a sea-to-table restaurant overlooking the Andaman Sea and facing the national park, and Sri Trang, which serves authentic Thai cuisine like tom yum goong and khua kling gai in a sleek, minimalist setting.   

Outdoor Excursions

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Venture out to Bamboo Island for a day of exploration in one of Thailand’s largest coral reefs. With shallow water depths, guests can get an up-close view of some of the most diverse and colorful coral reefs in the world while snorkeling. If a day on dry land is in order, arrange for a hike to the summit of Hang Nak Mountain — a serious trek culminating in panoramic views of the beaches, town and even the Koh Phi Phi islands on a clear day.

While Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve reveals the ultimate in Thai luxury, the surrounding region of Krabi is also an incredible place to explore. Sheer limestone cliffs loom over azure water. Dense mangrove forests provide habitat for rare birds, as well as countless miles of hiking. And, undeniably, that azure water is a draw in and of itself — boating, paddle boarding and island-hopping opportunities abound. Situated on the Adaman Sea, Krabi has Thailand’s longest history of human settlement, and its temples and historic landmarks are a testament to its rich past and culture. 

Eco Adventures

Pristine. That’s one way to describe so many of Thailand’s natural areas — its beaches, lagoons, bays and jungles — and many of the tours in the region are focused on ecology and conservation. Maybe you’ll choose to kayak a blue lagoon, hike a mangrove forest, adventure in the treetops or climb a mountain. No matter your excursion, you’ll love the scenic wonder of south Thailand and find a renewed sense of commitment to protecting the natural world.  


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A Romantic Getaway

Often considered one of the most relaxing regions of Thailand, Krabi is known for its white beaches, lush jungles and more than 200 islands that rest just off the coast of Phulay Bay. Sunrises are rich with color. Sunsets are ripe with romance. Whether you’re sampling local cuisine, walking hand-in-hand inside a mangrove forest or embarking on an adventure, you and your love are bound to grow closer during a visit to one of Southeast Asia’s most scenic destinations. 


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