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Eco Adventures

Pristine. That’s one way to describe so many of Thailand’s natural areas — its beaches, lagoons, bays and jungles — and many of the tours in the region are focused on ecology and conservation. Maybe you’ll choose to kayak a blue lagoon, hike a mangrove forest, adventure in the treetops or climb a mountain. No matter your excursion, you’ll love the scenic wonder of south Thailand and find a renewed sense of commitment to protecting the natural world.



  • Canoe to a Cave.

    Wake with the sunrise, then travel to Bor Tor Pier to rent a canoe. It’s one of the best ways to voyage to Tham Pee Hua Toe (Big-Headed Ghost Cave), an ancient site in Amphoe Ao Luek, Krabi. Surrounded by limestone walls and a mangrove forest, the cave is believed to have been a burial site more than 3,000 years ago. It features prehistoric paintings, a stalactite and a tiger paw print embedded in stone. 

  • Local Breakfast.

    Some say that the coffee at May & Mark restaurant is the best in Krabi Town. Others rave about the smoothie bowls, complete egg breakfasts and honey pancakes. No matter what you order, you’ll appreciate the friendly service, excellent prices and charming atmosphere. 

  • Take a Hike.

    Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam is nestled on the edge of the Adaman Sea, and it’s best described as a bit of fairy-tale forest. Mangroves and camphor trees line the trail, and their exposed roots — thanks to an adaptation to the blend of salt and freshwater — are visually unique and fun to carefully maneuver. Watch for native birds as you breathe in Mother Nature. 

  • Green Lunch.

    Local produce and sustainable ingredients make up the menu at Lion and Shark, a popular, beautifully decorated restaurant in Krabi Town. Delicious smoothie bowls with plenty of fruit and grains make for a satisfying lunch, while crafted coffee drinks will give you the midday pickup you crave. 

  • Garden Glory.

    Return to Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve for a botanical tour of the property’s lush gardens. The chief gardener and recreation instructors will teach you about rare and exotic flowers and shrubs and provide tips for caring for your own plants back home. It’s a lovely meander after a day of adventure. 

  • Stretch It Out.

    Aromatherapy oils and relaxing music make candlelight yoga at the Reserve even more therapeutic. Static movements lead to deep stretches and an improvement in range of motion across the entire body. 

  • Traditional Thai.

    Wrap up your day with authentic Thai cuisine at Sri Trang. Share steaming plates of noodles, rice and vegetables in a beautiful, minimalist setting. 



  • Kick into Gear.

    Before your day of ecotourism, take a Muay Thai class at the Reserve — good for your body and mind. Learn basic sequences of punching, kicking and elbows during this energizing session. All levels are available at Phulay Bay and are taught by expert instructors. 

  • Rainforest Revelations.

    Khao Nor Juji is one of the last virgin rainforests in Thailand. While best known for its variety and abundance of bird life, it’s also home to the famous Emerald Pool, a stunningly green freshwater pond colored by limestone deposits. After a soak, explore the forest on foot and look for kingfishers and a number of rare birds. 

  • Sustainable Seafood.

    Enjoy lunch at one of the floating seafood restaurants in Koh Klang. Visitors can select their meals from a variety of floating tanks where fishermen keep their locally caught, fresh fare. 

  • Go for a Climb.

    Just beyond Princess Cave on Phra Nang Beach lie some of the region’s most spectacular rock walls. Harness up to explore the 33 documented routes, including “Money Maker,” rated 5.10b, and “Tales of Power,” a daunting 5.12. No matter which route you choose, you’ll be treated to sweeping views of the coast.

  • Another Day, Another Cave.

    While you’re on the Pranang Peninsula, detour to Tham Pranang Nok, one of the most famous caves in Thailand. According to legend, a royal ship carrying a princess, Srikulatavee, sank during the era of Alexander the Great. The princess’ spirit is said to dwell within the cave and, inside, you’ll find a shrine where fishermen place offerings in hopes of a plentiful catch. 

  • Fine Dining.

    After your day of exploration, visit Jenna’s Bistro & Wine in Ao Nang. There, an extensive menu features small bites, fresh seafood, pasta and burgers, as well as authentic Thai food. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are plentiful, and the cocktail menu includes nine signature mojitos, along with Belgian beers. 

A man paddles a kayak in the middle of a river



  • Paddle Out.

    Take a sunrise kayak tour of Phulay Bay by using one of the kayaks readily available on the Reserve’s private beach. Watch the sky light up as you paddle across the Adaman Sea and watch the coast wake up. 

  • Breakfast Alfresco.

    Enjoy a light meal or refreshing morning beverage outdoors at Chomtawan, which opens at 9 a.m. Enjoy more beautiful scenery as you rest on one of the restaurant’s plush lounge beds to enjoy your breakfast. 

  • Monkey Around.

    Tree Top Adventure Park is one of Krabi’s newest attractions, and it’s sure to become one of the most popular. A half-day experience means that you can zip-line, swing and maneuver rope bridges between more than 50 platforms high in the treetops, all while capturing incredible views of the region. Expert guides ensure your safety with harnesses and ropes, and an increased emphasis on the protection of the trees means that you can adventure with minimal environmental impact. 

  • Shop Around.

    Ao Nang’s Catalunya Walking Street is a great place to take to land again after your journey through the trees. Explore this permanent bazaar to find unique souvenirs, stop in at one of the bars, restaurants or ice cream shops, and peruse the popular art gallery. 

  • Find Balance.

    Return to Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve for a holistic energy-balancing ritual before you retire for the evening. This two-hour full-body treatment includes exfoliation and a full-body massage with hot stones. It ends with an acupressure head massage and gentle stretching of the neck and shoulders. It will leave you relaxed, rebalanced and ready for a wonderful night of rest.