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At Phulay Bay Spa, discover peace of mind and body through holistic, comprehensive wellness and lifestyle treatments, combining herbal remedies with a strongly rooted connection to traditional and international healing therapies.

Enjoy our holistic experiences:

Yoga & Wellness Studio
Practice the traditional combat sport of Muay Thai with our trainers at the wellness studio, and relax your mind with yoga, pilates, and stretching classes.

Vitality Pool & Heat Experiences
Overlooking the green lagoon, the heated vitality pool with water massage jets is a wonderful place to relax. The sauna and steam room are available for male and female guests separately. Unwind here and prepare your mind and body prior to treatment.

Treatment Rooms & Relaxation Rooms
Our Team guides you to the most appropriate combination to create your treatment experience and achieve maximum benefits. Upgrade your treatment experience and enjoy your Spa treatment together in our private couples’ treatment room. Please ask reservations when making your Spa booking.