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Santiago may appeal to adults, but it offers plenty for young, curious minds, too. With its Ritz Kids program, this family-friendly hotel encourages kids to explore and engage through daily activities highlighting the culture and nature of Chile. Guests aged four to twelve years old, receive special attention during their stay, including the programs mention bellow:

The Ritz-Kids program offers children aged 4 to 12 various offers and activities:

  • Kids special check-in
  • Arts and crafts
  • Coloring 
  • Food & Beverage amenity


  • Fresh fruit salad, strawberry yogurt and honey 
  • Bowl of cereal with banana or strawberry milk choice (we have gluten free cereal) 
  • Organic eggs served with whole wheat toast and choice of; ham, sausage, bacon or tomato 
  • Organic scramble eggs with bacon and melted cheddar cheese in bun served with fruit skewer 
  • Pecan raspberry-pudding with vanilla, raisins, palm and syrup 
  • Organic peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich whole wheat bread, fruit skewer 
  • Grilled turkey ham-cheese sandwich wheat bread 
  • Waffle with maple syrup berries and whipped cream 
  • Pancakes with your choice of: walnut, choco-chips or banana 
  • Smoothies raspberry, strawberry or chocolate


  • Multicolored vegetables sticks custard apple dressing 
  • Mac and cheese 
  • Grilled chicken fingers with thousand island sauce
  • Hot dog with avocado, tomato and mayonnaise 
  • Grilled cheese sandwich whole wheat bread 
  • Crispy fish fingers tartar sauce, (the catch of the day) 
  • Grilled organic chicken breast with broccoli, potato purée and gravy 
  • Cheese pizza choice of ingredients; mushrooms, ham, tomato, pineapple, sausage 
  • Mini cheese burger your choice 
  • Sliced filet mignon vegetables and potato purée


  • Cookies Selections with banana milk shake 
  • Fresh fruit salad with coconut ice cream gluten-free dish 
  • Cheesecake with raspberry sauce
  • Vanilla sundae, chocolate sauce, caramel and pecan 
  • Ice cream & sorbets selections ask for seasonal flavors