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Over a million dollars were invested in remodeling the emblematic meeting
rooms of The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago that opened on February 28th. The remodeling
was done by ABWB associated architects who dominates the architectural market.

Santiago of Chile, The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago started this 2014 with a new proposals in remodeling, starting with the total change of its meeting rooms, which includes the famous “The Grand Ballroom" and “Boardroom” meeting spaces. The proposal consists of new infrastructure and lighting based on high-tech LED lights, plus imported wool rugs to give a more contemporary style.

Approximately one million dollars ($500,000,000 CLP) were invested in this project and the opening took place on February 28th. In addition, The Ritz- Carlton, Santiago opened on March 15th the Mezzanine level, meeting spaces that continue to ensure quality service and memorable experiences.

"Alamparte, Barreda, Wedeles, Besançon (ABWB) architects and associates" were in charge of the refurbishment, a prestigious design and Architecture Company co-founders of today’s architectural model of The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago with a 28,000 m² area. ABWB had been the dominating architectural industry leaders since 1953 with projects ranging from hotels, commercial ofices, housing, health, education and interiors.