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Wedding Advisor

From the very beginning to the wedding party itself, the dedication of our Social Catering Manager will anticipate and respond to your needs. The day to day details of the event ensure smooth running and success of your unique celebration.

What is the maximum capacity of the meeting room for a wedding party?
The maximum capacity is 270 people.

Do you include a dinner testing before the celebration takes place?

Yes, once the wedding reservation is confirmed, our Chef together with the Wedding Manager invites you to a dinner testing.

Are the flowers included?

Yes, one flower arrangement is included in each table as well as candles.

How many waiters are considered in a wedding dinner?
1 waiter per 10 people.

Can I bring an outside catering service?
No. The hotel offers refine menus to choose from.

Could it be possible other wedding taking place the same day than mine?

Not at all. The hotel offers exclusive attention to only one Wedding Party at a time.

What is the Wedding Butler service?
Is the person that assists the wedding couple through out the entire celebration.

Are there any other benefits for the wedding couple?
Yes, the hotels provide to the wedding couple a complimentary room for the first night as husband & wife with spectacular amenities.