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Explore the history and culture of Saudi Arabia at the National Museum near our Riyadh hotel.

The story of Saudi Arabia’s past is told through antiques, manuscripts, documents and displays at the National Museum. Located near our Riyadh hotel, the museum is among the top attractions in the city, and offers a glimpse into the past. Our hotel concierge is happy to arrange a visit to the museum or any other Riyadh attractions.

National Museum of Riyadh

The National Museum of Riyadh is a landmark structure in the skyline of Saudi Arabia. It gives an insight into the history of Saudi Arabia. The National Museum is spread over 17,000 meters of land close to the King Abdul Aziz Historic Center.

Distance: 12.8km/16 minutes’ drive | Website

SAMA Money Museum

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) Money Museum showcases the Pre-Islamic, Islamic, and modern currency types and it features some raw materials used in modern banknote printing and coin minting industry. It also exhibits pictures describing security features of the Saudi banknotes.

Distance: 8.3km/9 minutes’ drive | Website

Al Masmak Fort

A prominent place in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a witness to King Abdulaziz’s initial steps in consolidating the now great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The word “Masmak” in Arabic means the high, fortified, thick and huge building.

Discover one of the famous gold souqs in Riyadh that is located within the area of Al Masmak Fort – the Thumeiri Gold Souq. This traditional market offers the best quality of white gold, yellow gold, and silver. Engraving and re-setting of jewelry services are also available.

Distance: 14km/17 minutes’ drive

King Saud University – Antiquities Museum

The Antiquities Museum inside the King Saud University highlights the cultural and historical dimension of the excavations performed by the University. The museum contains a selection of antiques discovered during the Faw and Rabdha excavations that were carried out by the college. It also has inscriptions, writings, porcelain and pottery ware, various jewelries, coins, statues, frescos, and more.

Distance: 8.6km/10 minutes’ drive | Website


Al Malaz Zoo in Riyadh

One of the best entertainment zones in Riyadh and is the largest zoo in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Zoo is spread over 55 acres of land and has over 1,300 animals in display for attractions.

Distance: 14.8km/15 minutes’ drive

Al Dir'iya

Al Dir'iya is a historic oasis located on the banks of Wadi Hanifa that had attracted urban settlements since time immemorial. Al Dir'iya’s land occupies the fertile curve of Wadi Hanifa on the outskirts of Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah Malaz Park

The 318,000 square meter state-of-the-art and environmental-friendly King Abdullah Malaz Park is one of the most prominent and the biggest of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering locals and tourists the opportunity to revel in outdoor space. The park is a celebrated venue for hosting heritage exhibitions and recreational activities during national events and holidays.

Al-Zall Market

One of the oldest, most visited markets and local attractions in Riyadh dating back 1901 where it formed part of the Al-Diriyah Old Palace. Al-Zall Market shows the authentic heritage of Saudi Arabia through the items being sold in the place such as antiques, artifacts, copperplate, traditional clothes, pots, incense burners, ancient armor, swords, carpets, rugs and more.


Al Faisaliah Center

A commercial skyscraper and one of the iconic buildings in the capital of Riyadh which features a mall comprising most of the major retail brands globally. The tower itself is said to be designed like a ballpoint pen and inside the golden ball located nearly at the tip of the tower is a fine dining restaurant, The Globe.

Distance: 9.7km/12 minutes’ drive | Website

Kingdom Centre

Kingdom Centre apart from being the third tallest skyscraper in the country and the world’s third tallest building with a hole is also known for its shopping experience featuring the most luxurious brands available in the Kingdom. There’s also a 184 ft skybridge atop the structure.

Distance: 11.3km/11 minutes’ drive | Website

Prince Salman Science Oasis

A non-profit organization and an interactive Science center built with the aim of improving public awareness about Science, promoting scientific knowledge, and its practical application for peace and benefit of mankind.

Distance: 6.4km/9 minutes’ drive | Website

Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Saudi Arabia

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Saudi Arabia is the country’s version of the famed Sky Zone theme park, the world’s first indoor trampoline park. Now, you can experience the bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes – all in one cool and fun place!

Distance: 18.5km/16 minutes’ drive | Website