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Local Area Attractions

On the island of Tenerife, there is always something new to explore, particularly when staying at resorts near Teide volcano in the exclusive area of Guía de Isora.

On our idyllic island in the Canarian archipelago, adventure awaits you. So do relaxing afternoons spent lounging poolside, beachside, or on the golf course. Located along the smooth slopes of the Teide volcano, hotels and resorts near Guía de Isora offer a myriad of opportunities to indulge in the vacation you have always dreamed of.

Whether you desire a relaxing getaway or an action filled trip, you can find it all at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama. Discover the island’s unique volcanic landscape as you embark on a guided hiking expedition up Teide volcano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set sail and explore La Gomera Island by boat. Or, for a truly thrilling adventure, take to the air in a helicopter or paragliding expedition over the entire island.

An island as rich in history and culture as it is in natural wonders, Tenerife offers an abundance of opportunities to explore at a more relaxed pace. Sip and savor the complex wines produced by our island’s vineyards. Attend an exhibition at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, or set out on a gastronomic tour of the island, peppered with Michelin-star restaurants. Here in Tenerife, the possibilities are endless.

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Auditorium of Tenerife

The building was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. This auditorium attracts the admiration of those who are watching it from all angles of the capital. This is an ideal place to enjoy all genres of music and art.


Leal Theater

Theater of eclectic style was constructed in 1915 by the order of Antonio Leal, Sociologist, Philosopher and Chile politician. It was the site chosen for the first film screening at La Laguna.


Museum of History & Anthropology

Located in La Laguna, this museum shows us a general perspective of the institutional, social and economic development of the island.

It is also a graphic museum that integrates 2.600 represented elements of the "Guanche" culture that will help us understand the origin of the Canary Islands.


Nature & Man Museum

Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this museum offers a look of the natural richness of the Canary Islands and of their pre-hispanic and guanche populations. It is integrated with the Natural Science, archaeology and the Institute of Canarian Anthropology museums.


Pyramid of Arona

Big Theater with capacity for 1,874 people, where the company of Carmen Mota offers a great spectacle of traditional Spanish dancing with a large cast of artists.


Science and Stars Museum

This museum gives us an explanation of the laws and beginnings of our governing nature; from the human being until the cosmos and the stars. This is found in La Laguna.


Tenerife's Art Exhibit

This museum looks to promote the knowledge of different tendencies of art. It shows an exhibition room, a huge library and a center of photography of the Island of Tenerife.


Wine and Honey Museum

Located in El Sauzal, on the North of the island, this museum is the perfect place to learn everything about the history of the wine in Tenerife offering the best understanding of production. Its visitors will also have the opportunity to savour the magnificence of the local wines and honeys.


Cave of Wind

The Cave of wind is located in the district of "Icod de los Vinos", in the northeast of Tenerife. It is the largest volcanic tube in the European Union with a length of 17 kilometers, and in its interior it holds a myriad of underground passages. The cave is also a place rich in fossils and archaeological remains of the Guanches, the ancient inhabitants of Tenerife, have been found in several volcanic pipe entries.


Corpus Christi

This festival is characterized by the makings of the tapestries by flowers in the streets. Especially striking the municipality of La Orotava, where every year produces a considerable size tapestry with flowers and sand of various shades drawn at the Teide National Park.



As a tradition, on these dates numerous ceremonies reoccur in the streets with the images of the saints. The ones that take place in La Laguna, La Orotava, Los Realejos and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are of special interest.


Festivity of la Virgen de Candelaria

Virgin that displays the cannon office of the Patron of the Canaries. The pilgrimage to the sanctuary that takes place during the festivities and the festivals in the honor of the virgin are famous throughout the world, especially in many cities of South America where she is also the patron virgin.



Nestled below a 500m cliff in the northern coast of the island, Garachico was once considered as an important port for exporting Malmsey Wine and other local products until a several week long eruption poured lava into the old bay destroying everything in its path. Garachico has always taken care of its environment and protected the most diverse cultural manifestations. For all these reasons, the Spanish government awarded the town the Gold Medal of Fine Arts in 1980.


Helicopter Excursions - Heli Aviation

Enjoy a ride on the south of Tenerife and observe with a bird view the wonderful sites of Teide from the sky or Los Gigantes cliffs.


La Laguna

La Laguna was the original capital of Tenerife and has a rich historic heritage within a fairly small area making it a very pleasant city to walk around. The historic centre of La Laguna is one of the cities listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is worth stopping at the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna that was built in neogothic style and contains a rich, artistic heritage as well as being the most important religious building in the city.


Orotava Valley

It's a beautiful valley located on the northern side of the island. The valley stretches from the sea up to the mountains near Las Cañadas, where the peak of Teide can be found.

The town of "La Orotava" retains a historic center, which has been declared of historical and artistic interest. Among its streets, there is a wealth of admirable architecture, such as the "Ermita del Calvario", the church of San Agustín, or the "Plaza de La Constitución".


Puerto de la Cruz

One of the regular and most highly-recommended trips from the south of Tenerife is to Puerto de la Cruz, a beautiful touristic town set in the Orotava Valley, in the north of the island. Puerto de la Cruz offers many interesting places to visit such as the "Lago Martiánez", a stunning complex of seawater swimming pools and one of the biggest tourist attractions of Tenerife.


Romería de San Marcos

A festivity where the inhabitants of the island return to their place of origin, dressed in typical clothing. While in the carts, they play traditional music, they sing, eat, drink and alternate during the 'Romería'.

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This year, this picturesque tradition is celebrated on the 10th of June, 2018 in the town of La Orotava. San isidro labrador “Romería” (pilgrimage) is one of the most celebrated and crowded of Tenerife, where hundreds of wagons and thousands of people participate. A tradition already centenary of this popular festival that has the dance of “magos” open-air dances and folklore.


Special Nature Reserve of Chinyero

Special Nature Reserve of Chinyero lies in one of the main structural axes of the island, formed by the eruptions of the "Arenas Negras" and Chinyero volcanoes in 1706 and 1909 and those of a series of other eruptions, such as Montaña de Bilma and Montaña Negra.


Wine Tasting

In the area of Icod de los Vinos exist different types of wineries for this type of activity. It is the precise area of the island where the Malvasia wine was produced for the first time and exported to Europe in the 17th century.

Bike Excursions

Guided excursions in the south of the island in which you will be able to practice mountain biking. Our resort is pleased to offer facilities and services that will guarantee a full cycling experience in a privileged environment for the practice of this sport.

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Boat Rental

Either to whale watch, to do an excursion on the coast or just to have some fun, The Ritz-Carlton, Abama guests can enjoy the following boats with or without a captain (with previous reservation).

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This Tenerife party is worldly known. It takes place in the month of February and is mainly celebrated in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is the capital of the island, where the streets are taken by all types of people with funny costumes, by the queens of the carnival with their lovely and elaborate outfits, by the choreographic dances in the streets with the music, and satirical performances of street musicians.


Climb to the Peak of Teide

The climbs to the highest peak of Spain are done daily from 9am till 4pm, and the descents are until 5 pm. With the cable car you can reach up to 3.550 meters high. To access the peak you need to apply for a special permission before hand.


Deep Sea Fishing

If you want to enjoy a day of adventurous sea fishing, Tenerife if the place to be. With its wide range of boats for renting, you will experience an amazing day.


Discover the countless secrets and treasures that lay in Guía de Isora's seabed. Take peak with the virtual tour to see what wonders await you.

Horse Riding

If you like horse riding, in Tenerife you will be able to enjoy a fantastic day.


Jeep Excursions

Exclusive tours of the island with your own guide and a private unique minivan in Tenerife.

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Jet Ski Excursions

One of the best options to get to know the area of Masca and Los Gigantes cliff. The groups, lead by a guide, will be able to enjoy with dolphins, whales, turtles, cliff of Masca and the caves of the cliff.


Jungle Park

It is a zoo and botanical park that counts with more than 75,000 square meters of jungle, 500 animals, tours of tunnels and bridges, waterfalls, caves and shows of exotic birds and raptors.


Loro Parque

Enjoy one of the best zoos of Spain. It offers an exclusive Killer Whale spectacle in Puerto de la Cruz. The park is open everyday from 8.30 am till 6:45 p.m.



Enjoy the feeling of flying accompanied by a professional, and you will be able to admire the wonderful views Tenerife. It is advisable to wear sports clothing and footwear.


Quad Bike Safari

Quad excursions on roads and paths to enjoy a different perspective of the island.


Siam Park

The biggest water park of the island, with 12 rides, counts with the biggest artificial wave of the world, which reaches up to 3 metres. The park is open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm (from March 30 till October 24) and from 10 a.m. up to 5 p.m. (from October 25 till March 29).


Submarine Safari

Explore the ocean floor and the feeling of a dive in the Atlantic Ocean.



Abama Beach offer various activities on the sea with the Atlantic Ocean as the main stage.


With an area of 26.4 km2, it has the peculiarity of being totally surrounded by the district of San Cristóbal de La Laguna and noted for its mild climate and countryside. 

The proximity of Tegueste to the Anaga Rural Park, as well as the existence in the past of a leafy forest, has allowed Tegueste to preserve a remnant of this Laurisilva forest close to the town center, in a place called "Los Laureles". As well as this, there are many trails and paths in the area, where you can enjoy hiking and rural tourism.

Tennis & Paddle

For tennis and paddle lovers, just 1.4kms away from the Resort, you will find seven tennis courts and four paddle courts, managed by Abama Tennis.

Trekking and Canyoning

Excursions from 3 hours up to 6 hours, in different natural spots in which you will be able to enjoy areas that otherwise are inaccessible.


Walk in La Gomera

Incredible tour in the neighbour island of La Gomera, the most amazing of the Canary Islands regarding natural sites, including a visit to the National Park of Garajonay.


Water Skiing

Enjoy a water ski class, for beginners or for professionals, from Puerto Colon


Whale and Dolphin Watching

Tenerife counts with one of the largest communities of pilot whales in the world. Enjoy of a 3 hour catamaran excursion from Puerto Colón along Los Gigantes Cliffs into the territory of the most precious cetaceans of the islands.

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Windsurf and Kitesurf

In El Médano, one of the areas with the best beaches of Tenerife, you will be able to practice or learn those activities every day.