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The Ritz-Carlton Spa Wellness Experience

The water circuit from Roman tradition emulates the vaporous rooms of the Roman baths equipped with an underground heating system. In this way it is possible to expose the body to the contrast between extreme cold and hot temperatures in order to later achieve an average temperature with which toxins are eliminated and the immune system is activated. The Ritz-Carlton Spa Wellness Experience includes a tour of the Turkish style Herbal steam bath, which can be flavored with essential oils of delicate fragrances. The "World of Showers" stimulates the senses by exposing the body to a variety of water experiences ranging from a tropical rain, to a hot shower with lateral jets doing massages in different areas of the back and torso, to a shower Finnish that offers a refreshing rain of cold water. The cold cabin has a device that allows spraying to the clients with a refreshing Arctic rain between a session of sauna or Hammam. The Kneipp circuit helps to improve circulation since the texture of the volcanic rock stimulates the muscles of the feet and legs, acting as an impulse on the whole system. And for the final touch, a hydrotherapy and chronotherapy pool to acclimatize the body to an adequate temperature.

Access to the Wellness Experience is €25 per guest, per day | €35 per non-guest, per day.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa Wellness Experience circuit is included when enjoying any treatment in The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

For more information about our Spa, or to reserve a spa treatment or access to the Wellness Experience, please call send us an e-mail at