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Imagine peace in the heart of the city, where balance returns to an unbalanced world, and your well-being is all that matters.

The Spa & Wellness Center at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte invites you to recalibrate your mind, body and soul, whether for a few moments, as a local day-experience before and following a treatment, or throughout an entire guest stay. An array of restorative spa experiences will provide indulgence of the senses, relief for road-weary and relaxation for the stressed, using environmentally-mindful products and practices that offer abiding respect for your personal wellness and for the environment that surrounds us. For your convenience, a 20% service gratuity will be added to the price of each spa treatment.

Spa availability requests submitted online are not confirmed until you are contacted directly by Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Spa Concierge. For same-day reservations, please contact The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Spa & Wellness Center Concierge by phone at (704) 547-2244.

Health & Wellness

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The benefits of proper exercise and nutrition are endless, and the hotel’s certified personal trainer can assist in helping guests to achieve and maintain wellness goals. A 48-hour advance notice is requested for all health and wellness services.

Personal Training Session
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60 minutes, $85

A private, one-on-one personal training session with a certified trainer, who focuses on specific needs and provides guidance on achieving personal fitness goals.
Private Yoga Session
(show details)

60 minutes, $85
Each additional person, $15

A personalized yoga experience designed to balance the mind, heart, body and soul.

Signature Treatments

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Massage helps to align and restore physical well-being that can be lost in a life out of balance. The Spa & Wellness Center’s Signature Treatments begin with a soothing foot-soak ritual, helping to harmonize the body and a natural element before each treatment begins.

Honey Detox and Chocolate Truffle
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110 minutes, $265

Enjoy a new spa experience with our decadent Honey Detox and Truffle signature treatment. Begin with a light skin brushing, preparing it for a natural exfoliation and detox using our rooftop-grown natural honey, followed by a chocolate truffle wrap that will help rehydrate and refine the skin – pure bliss! After a warm shower, you will return to the table for a Swedish massage to seal in both relaxation and moisture.
Green Your Body Eco-Treatment
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110 minutes, $265

The ultimate in skin renewal, Green Your Body includes a skin brushing, skin polishing with salt and sugar scrubs, a scalp mud experience and deeply-relaxing cocoon wrap, followed by an intuitive massage. Select from three essential oil-infused ingredients from The Wellness Center Scrub and Polish Mixology Bar, including natural pumice, therapeutic salts and organic sugars, along with mineral seaweed, Sedona mud and massage infusions. Includes an intuitive foot soak.
Drift to Sleep
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110 minutes, $265

This ultimate relaxation therapy is designed for an overactive mind or the individual who has trouble falling and staying asleep. Begin your ritual with an aromatherapy milk bath. Experience a peaceful body massage, including warm aromatherapy oils, Reiki, cranial sacral holds, lymphatic drainage and other polarity techniques specialized to transition you into the alpha state of sleep. Your sleep therapists will then allow a 30-minute power nap under a warmed down duvet.
Moroccanoil Ritual
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105 minutes, $265

Be revitalized, refreshed and relaxed by this luxurious journey that is inspired by a traditional Moroccan Hammam and Shirodhara ritual. This treatment begins with the detoxifying and invigorating benefits of a full-body dry-brush exfoliation. Once the skin is cleansed and revitalized, Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Treatment is applied with a relaxing and deeply therapeutic hot stone massage. Our Body Buff is used to gently exfoliate and soften the feet and hands.
Honey Detox
(show details)

80 minutes, $195

Enjoy the soothing benefits of natural honey, harvested from two beehives on our green roof and hand-carried to The Spa & Wellness Center. This cleansing massage incorporates honey to exfoliate the skin, promote the elimination of cellulite, improve blood circulation to the skin and muscles and improve tissue nutrition. Relax and surrender, your trip to serenity ends with a rich shea butter full body massage fragranced with natural citrus and vanilla oils.
Slimming Detox Body Wrap
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80 minutes, $195

A perfect detoxifying and firming treatment for smooth skin. The result is a balanced and renewed energy. This body wrap will stimulate circulation and metabolism, eliminating toxins and easing fatigue.


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Waxing and Tinting
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Back- $50
Bikini- $40
Bikini Brazilian- $65
Full Brazilian- $75
Brow- $25
Chest- $50
Chin- $20
Full Arm- $45
Half Arm- $30
Full Leg- $80
Half Leg- $45
Full Face- $60
Underarm- $35

Brow- $30
Lash- $30
Brow/ Lash- $55



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Designed to balance and restore skin, The Spa & Wellness Center facials utilize re-nourishing and healing ingredients containing all-natural and organic extracts.

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Signature
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50 minutes, $125
80 minutes, $180

A customized, hydrating organic facial that leaves your complexion rejuvenated and glowing. Includes exfoliation and luxurious facial massage.
Gentleman’s Organic
(show details)

50 minutes, $125
80 minutes, $180

A customized facial for a gentleman’s specific skin needs. Enjoy deep cleansing, followed by an exfoliating scrub and extractions. This treatment concludes with a cool, soothing mask to balance and hydrate skin, helping to alleviate shaving irritation.
Transformational – Corrective / Soothing
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50 minutes, $135
80 minutes, $190

Treat your skin to a corrective facial that includes a results-oriented exfoliation. With age and sun exposure causing skin to lose its luster, this intensive treatment targets damaged areas to visibly smooth and brighten.
Micro-Lift – Corrective / Anti-Aging
(show details)

50 minutes, $145

This state-of-the-art protein-based facial is designed to increase collagen and elastin levels, gently elevating the skin to create a younger, fresher appearance.
Back Facial
(show details)

50 minutes, $125

Ideal for misbehaving back complexions as well as for those about to bare the back for party dresses and swimwear, this facial for the back cleans, clarifies and hydrates.
Focus Facial
(show details)

25 minutes, $80

This treatment exfoliates dead, damaged skin to minimize lines, reduce breakouts, and brighten skin, while stimulating the body to produce new healthy skin for a smoother, more youthful and clear appearance.

Massage Therapy

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Massage helps to align and restore physical well-being that can be lost in a life out of balance.

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Signature
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50 minutes, $125
80 minutes, $180

A traditional Swedish massage with light to medium pressure, combined with a choice of one of five organic aromatherapy oils, creating a wonderfully-customized, restored relaxation experience.
Carolina Lily Muscle Ease
(show details)

50 minutes, $135
80 minutes, $190

This intensive deep-tissue massage is designed to release deeply- held patterns of tension, stress and fatigue. The treatment is both corrective and therapeutic. our therapeutic formulations replace tension with calm, and irritability with peace.
(show details)

80 minutes, $190

Ideal for runners, guests who work out and active road warriors, this restorative experience addresses soreness in large muscle groups and trigger points related to sports stress and sports injuries.
Mellow Mama Pre-Natal
(show details)

50 minutes, $125
80 minutes, $180

A complete body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention. A wonderful treatment that gives Mama a chance to truly relax a few moments to dream of baby. This service is offered after the first trimester.
(show details)

100 minutes, $255

Can’t decide? This sampler includes our Southern Hot Stone, Reflexology, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Signature and the Carolina Lily Muscle Ease. Experience everything, all tied into one service.
Charlotte Tandem Massage
(show details)

50 minutes, $270
80 minutes, $380

Shared harmony, this massage for two allows partners, best friends or mother-daughter to indulge, relax, respond and re-connect through the use of gentle scents and soothing oils.
Southern Hot Stone
(show details)

75 minutes, $195

The warmth of heated stones penetrates and relaxes muscles, easing body tension and helping to increase circulation.
Spa Reflexology
(show details)

25 minutes, $80
50 minutes, $135

Designed to balance and soothe, this treatment focuses special attention on reflex points that correlate to specific organs and body systems, enhancing circulation and eliciting sensations of deep relaxation.
In-Room Massage
(show details)

50 minutes, $235
80 minutes, $295

The Ritz-Carlton Signature Massage may be enjoyed in the seclusion of your room. A 24-hour advanced notice is requested.
Targeted Massage
(show details)

25 minutes, $80

A targeted massage focusing on neck, back and shoulders (alternatives upon request). Allow us to quickly relieve your tension and induce relaxation with a hot towel compress.
Enhance Your Service
(show details)

$25 each

Enhancements are available as incorporated additions to any service, without adding additional time. Indulge yourself with personalized massage and facial enhancements, providing a personalized focus designed to enhance your experience. Enhancements cannot be purchased alone but are offered as supplements to a purchased service or treatment. 

Rejuvenating Lip and Eye Treatment
This treatment deeply hydrates, nourishes and diminishes fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It exfoliates, replenishes and re-plumps the lips naturally. May be added to any facial.

Invigorating Scalp Massage
Ideal for fatigue or jet lag, this treatment stimulates circulation, clears the mind and nourishes the hair. May be added to any service.

A soothing, therapeutic deep-heat treatment for hands or feet combined with a luxurious natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin. May be added to any service.

Foot Scrub
A scrub that leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished and rejuvenated. May be added to any service.

Clinically proven technology stimulates and tones your facial muscles without any damage to your skin. May be added to any facial.

Spa Packages

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Indulge yourself with complete attention and care. Our spa packages will assist you in dissolving stress, restoring skin glow and balancing your mind, body and spirit. Discover our unique selection of carefully designed treatments and products chosen to enhance well-being and make your experience truly unforgettable.

Prices do not include 20% service charge.

The Charlotte Signature Package
(show details)

Your Ultimate Oasis Retreat includes the best signature services we offer.
Allow up to 4 hours, $375

  • 50-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Massage
  • 50-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Facial
  • 40-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Manicure
  • 70-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Pedicure
Just For Her
(show details)

Allow up to four hours, $500

Designed to leave your total body feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and rehydrated. Packages are accompanied by a glass of Champagne served in our Aqua Lounge.

  • 80-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Facial
  • 80-minute Ritz-Carlton Signature Massage
  • 50-minute Seasonal Body Scrub & Polish
  • Two Enhancements of your choice
Just For Him
(show details)

Allow up to 3 1/2 hours, $360

Relax, unwind and get away with this selection of treatments designed specifically for gentlemen. Packages are accompanied by a glass of Champagne served in our Aqua Lounge.

  • 50 minute Carolina Lily Muscle Ease
  • 50 minute Gentleman’s Organic Facial
  • Gentleman’s Hand & Foot Grooming
(show details)

Choice of two 25-minute treatments / $180

  • Your choice of two of the following 25 minute treatments:
    • Resurfacing Treatment
    • Targeted Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Express Manicure and Pedicure
    • Body Glow & Scrub of your choice

  • Welcome Gift
  • 15% savings on spa retail items

(show details)

Choice of two 50-minute treatments / $310

Choice of two treatments/$310
  • Your choice of two of the following treatments:
    • The Ritz-Carlton Signature Massage
    • The Ritz-Carlton Signature Organic Facial
    • Personal Training Session
    • Body Glow & Scrub of your choice
    • The Queen City Manicure and Pedicure

  • Welcome and Farewell Gifts
  • 20% savings on spa retail items

(show details)

Choice of two 50-minute treatments / $350

Choice of two treatments/$350
  • Your choice of any two of the following 50-minute treatments:
    • Massage of your choice
    • Transformational Facial
    • Private Yoga session
    • Body Glow & Scrub of your choice
    • The Ritz-Carlton Signature Manicure and Pedicure

  • Welcome and Farewell Gifts
  • $10 donation to Community Footprints
  • 25% savings on spa retail items


Body Glow & Scrubs

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Revive, purify and relax your skin and mind with exfoliating and hydrating body treatments.

Emerald Scrub & Polish
(show details)

50 minutes, $135

Inspired by North Carolina’s brilliant green gemstone, the Emerald Scrub and Polish deeply cleanses the body, utilizing rich minerals and nutrients from the sea to exfoliate, renew and refresh the epidermis; this is followed by an application massage of a shea butter infusion.
Seasonal Body Scrub & Glow
(show details)

50 minutes, $135

Weather the time of year with our seasonal sugar scrubs designed to quench your skin with a relaxing, hydrating and exfoliating scrub experience that incorporates essential oils.

Nail Services

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Choose from a variety of nail services for ladies and gentlemen, including luxurious spa manicures and pedicures. All services feature Spa Ritual, utilizing eco-friendly products with vegan ingredients from around the world.

The Ritz-Carlton Signature Manicure or Pedicure
(show details)

Manicure 40 minutes, $55 
Pedicure 60 minutes, $95

These lavish treatments use a natural approach to help you achieve healthy nails and beautiful hands or feet while leaving the skin smooth and soft. Treatment includes exfoliation, a deep therapy mask and a nourishing moisturizer.
Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure
(show details)

Manicure 40 minutes, $65
Pedicure 45 minutes, $85

A long-lasting application which is a hybrid between gel and polish, this quick drying treatment lasts approximately 10 to 14 days and is easily removed in minutes.
The Queen City Signature Manicure or Pedicure
(show details)

Manicure 30 minutes, $40
Pedicure 45 minutes, $65

Charlotte’s Signature scent, Honey and Chocolate, softens the skin and replenishes nutrients. Next, a transforming hot towel wrap repairs and hydrates in preparation for grooming. A careful polish application is the delightful finishing touch.
Seasonal Manicure and Pedicure Combination
(show details)


Weather the time of year with our seasonal manicure and pedicure combo. Designed around the seasons in Charlotte, this luxurious service will refresh tired hands and feet.
Gentleman’s Hand & Foot Grooming
(show details)

Manicure 25 minutes, $40 
Pedicure 45 minutes, $65

These energizing treatments include the grooming of nails and cuticles, a moisturizing massage and a natural buff.
Express Manicure or Pedicure
(show details)

Manicure 25 minutes, $35 
Pedicure 25 minutes, $50

For guests looking for a small pleasure, this is a wonderful quick refresher for your hands and feet. This mini-treatment will reshape the nails, massage moisture back into the skin and finish with a fresh coat of enamel.
(show details)

French Polish $15
Gel/Shellac Removal $15


Retail Therapy

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The Spa Boutique offers a complete range of spa gifts and nourishing products used in our treatments, so that guests may continue their spa experience at home.

Some of the brands currently offered include:

  • Archipelago
  • Asprey
  • Clarisonic Skin Care
  • Eminence Organic Skin Care
  • Epicuren Discovery
  • Farmhouse Fresh
  • Kai
  • Kneipp
  • Mama Mio
  • Me! Bath
  • MoroccanOil
  • Natural Patches of Vermont
  • NuFace
  • Oxford Golf
  • Pure Inventions
  • Skin Authority
  • Spa Fresh
  • Spa Ritual
  • Speedo
  • The Comphy Company

Spa Membership

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Discover the benefits of becoming a member of The Spa & Wellness Center. As a member, you will enjoy a world-class spa and fitness facility complemented by an outstanding menu of services, privileged access and personalized amenities. This exclusive membership combines the serenity and luxurious surroundings of The Ritz-Carlton with a convenient location in Charlotte’s uptown.

Whether you live in Charlotte or are a frequent visitor, you can be among a very limited number of individuals who are not hotel guests but who can join and elevate their Charlotte spa lifestyle to a true Ritz-Carlton experience.

Spa & Wellness Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to The Fitness Center
  • Unlimited use of The Aqua Lounge (pool and whirlpool), locker rooms, sauna, and steam room during hours of operation

Exclusive Member Savings

  • Complimentary valet parking when using the facilities.
  • 20% savings on all spa and fitness services
  • 20% savings on Spa Boutique purchases  
  • One complimentary personal training sessions per year
  • Complimentary laundering of member’s fitness attire

Member Amenities

  • Embroidered Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte robe 
  • Personalized locker with silver-finish nameplate

Member Dues

  • $300 Full-Size Locker (monthly)
  • $275 Half-Size Locker (monthly)

Member Services

For further details and membership terms and conditions, please call (704) 547-2244.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday:
12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Friday through Saturday:
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.