One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, California 92629 USA
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Guadalupe, Public Area Attendant

What is your favorite part of working at the resort?
Guadalupe: Seeing our guests is like seeing my family. I really enjoy engaging with them. We have so many guests that have been coming to the hotel for many years. I love seeing them each year and catching up with them.

What’s one of your best memories?
Guadalupe: I was in the main lobby area and I saw a guest standing looking at the ocean. It looked like she was crying so I approached her to see if I could help her with anything. We spoke for a few minutes and I realized that she was here as a tribute to her husband who had recently passed away. She told me that the hotel was one of her husband’s favorite places and he loved coming for their vacation every year. I really didn’t know what to say, so I simply put my arm around her to comfort her. She turned and hugged me and we both cried together. It was a very touching moment.

What was your first position at the resort?
Guadalupe: When I started at the resort, I was in the housekeeping department and I helped put the finishing touches on the guestrooms. It was my first job! I helped put the lamps in the rooms, made all of the beds with the new linens and made sure each room had things like television remotes, robes in the closet and towels in the bathrooms.

After the resort opened, what was your position?
Guadalupe: I was still in housekeeping and I was a turndown attendant. My English wasn’t very good so it was really perfect for me because I didn’t see many guests. When I was performing turndown services in their room, they were out enjoying dinner or having cocktails.

When other positions have you held?
Guadalupe: I spent a few years on day service in housekeeping and then more than 20 years ago I became a public area attendant. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. I always know how long I’ve been at the hotel because my oldest child was born the year I started.