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Wes Kowalczyk, Chief Engineer

Thirty years ago, Wes had just relocated to the United States from Poland. By the time he was 25 he had traveled all over Europe and we are lucky he landed with us. He joined The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel in the engineering department. He was working two jobs, attending school, and raising a family. Over the years, his passion, commitment and loyalty earned him a promotion within the department and he now serves as the resort’s Chief Engineer.

What keeps you here?
Wes: Friends and family. I truly think of the engineering team as my friends and family. I know what they can and can’t do. We all support each other and work as a team to keep this amazing property in first class shape. We know what we have built together and we know what to expect from each other.

Any words of advice?
Wes: If you put your mind to it and you want to be somebody, The Ritz-Carlton is the place to be. We have 85 properties around the world and we are continuing to grow. When I started we had 5. For someone just coming into the company, there are so many opportunities to learn, grow and 30 years from now have someone asking them these same questions.

What’s one of your fondest memories?
Wes: I was standing in front of enoSTEAK with the director of engineering and a few other gentlemen from the engineering department. We were discussing where to place the new signage for the restaurant. Who would have thought there would be so many opinions, but there were. All of a sudden, a voice from behind said, “Gentlemen, do you want me to make a decision for you?” One of our guests had been watching our exchange. I can’t tell you his name, but I’m pretty sure he used to be a four star general. We were all speechless. That’s something I’ll never forget.

Any other thoughts?
Wes: I’ve been with the hotel for 30 year. The European way is not to change jobs. I’ve been married for 30 years and I’ve lived in the same house for 27. I have a deep sense of loyalty and commitment. You can count on me, that’s just the way I am in my life.