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Sea Turtle Conservation

The warm coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island provide critical foraging ground for green, hawksbill, and olive ridley sea turtles. Despite all three species being listed as critically endangered on the China Species Red List, a vast amount of illegal harvesting occurs, reducing their populations at an extraordinary rate. Sea turtles face a host of other obstacles further diminishing their rate of survival, including: fisheries by catch, plastic debris ingestion, and habitat loss. The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay together with Sea Turtles 911 is actively working to alleviate the pressures that threaten the existence of these beautiful creatures through rescues, rehabilitation as well as raising and releasing them back to their natural habitat. 

Meet Endangered Sea Turtles
We encourage you and your little ones to visit our Sea Turtle Shelter, where we give you an educational tour to learn about the biology and conservation of sea turtles, a species on the brick of extinction. Get up close and personal to feed and meet these rehabilitated marine turtles, rescued by Sea Turtles 911. You and your little ones can also have the opportunity to adopt and release an endangered sea turtle back to the ocean, so that you can experience the spectacular by giving back to our community environment and future generations.

Sea Turtle Feeding and Education
Through storytelling, games and hands-on activities, the Conservationists from Sea Turtle 911 will provide an educational journey for your children.

Donations towards Sea Turtle Conservation
You could make a donation towards Sea Turtle Conservation at the Front Desk or Kids Club. All donations will go directly to Sea Turtle 911.

Sea Turtle Releasing
Sea turtles must be released back into their natural habitats to help maintain a sustainable population. Join in the effort and celebrate with all of us!

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