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Explore a grand desert paradise built on the foundations of nearly six millennia of Qatari tradition and history. Sharq Village & Spa is the perfect place to discover all the ancient culture and captivating modern entertainments Doha has to offer.


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Seasonal Highlights
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  • Qatar Exxon/Mobil International Tennis Tournament
  • Qatar Golf Open Tournament
  • Fencing Grand Prix Qatar Motor Show
  • Qatar Commercial Bank's Golf Masters Tournament
  • Qatar Cycling Federation


  • Qatar International Sailing Championship
  • Qatar Table Tennis Federation
  • Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition
  • International Horses Beauty Contest
  • Qatar Agriculture Exhibition
  • Qatar/Total Open Women's Tennis Championship


  • International Trade Fair (ITF)
  • Qatar International Equestrian Jumping Event
  • International Squash Tournament
  • Qatar Masters International Chess


  • Qatar International Property and Investment
  • International Wedding Expo - Doha (IWED)
  • Education, Training and Development Exhibition
  • Food and Beverage Exhibition


  • International Furniture and Decor Exhibition (INFDEC)


  • H.H. The Emir Handball Doha International Basketball
  • Qatar Open Body Building Championship for Men (Seniors and Youths)


  • Qatar Summer Wonders September
  • Qatar Golden Cup Body Building Championship
  • GCC Men's Basketball Championship


  • Qatar Classic Squash Championship


  • Doha International Book Fair


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Katara Cultural Village
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Gold Souq:
The gold souq consists of a block of small shops specializing in gold jewellery and ambiance of quality 18-and 22-carat.

Water Sports and Cruises:
Being surrounded by the Arabian Gulf on all three sides of the peninsula, there lies plenty of opportunities for cruising and water sporting. Sailing is a good pastime here, and many private firms offer windsurfers and dinghies for rent and there are sailing classes for novice sailors.

Desert Safari:
Making a trip to the inland sea, located in the middle of the desert, could be a fabulous way of spending the day. Sand dunes that are 60meters in height could be found along the way. Most air-conditioned vehicles are geared with necessary safety equipments to take one through an exciting, safe, tour to the mysterious desert.

Doha Corniche
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The palm tree-lined Doha Corniche is one of the most famous waterfronts in the Middle East. It sweeps about 7.5km along the coast in a smooth curve, finishing at the newly-built Museum of Islamic Arts. In the early evening, the Corniche is full of atmosphere, with people picnicking in the gardens, exercising on the waterfront or enjoying the cool evening breeze and views of the dazzling city skyline.
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30 minutes
All camel racing takes place at the purpose built racetrack just north of Sheehaniya, a 30 minute drive to the west of Doha on the Dukhan road. A visit provides a unique opportunity to observe this traditional sport and witness the local people in harmony with their surroundings. Race season begins in October when training begins and minor races are held, culminating in several prestigious events in March and April.
Singing Sand Dunes
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Since the days when the great explorers set out to discover what lay beyond their horizons, there have been tales of strange, low-pitched sounds heard in the desert. This fascinating natural phenomenon is a result of friction for a thin layer of sand flowing down the leeward side of a sand dune, fed from the top of the wind. Amplified by the crescent shape of the barchan dunes, it is said that the sound can be heard up to 10 km away – a deep and resonant humming that seems strangely eerie in an otherwise silent desert landscape. There are relatively few areas in the world where the sand produces such a sound.
Souq Waqif
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The Waqif souq is the one place in Qatar where you can find anything and everything. Made up of a large labyrinth of alleyways lined with various shops, the popular souq is a feast for the senses. Selections of perfumes, spices, incense, sweets, rice and dried fruits are so plentiful they often spill out of the shops into the alleys. This is a bartering haven.

Concierge Services

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Concierge Services
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1. Al Maha Services (meet and greet at the airport)
2. Transportation (pick up and drop off airport)
3. Rent a car Services (self-drive or with driver)
4. Airline Booking / Airline Confirmation / Airline Ticket Endorsement / Airline Ticket check-in
5. Handling Lost Luggage
6. Shipment of Parcels (FEDEX, DHL, ARAMEX etc.)
7. Arrangements of Tickets (Theater / Sports / concerts etc.)
8. Flower Arrangements
9. Information of Places to visit in Doha (museum / forts / malls / water park etc)
10. Information and booking of Doha Activities (water sports / desert safari / city tour / jet ski etc)
11. Book Doctor appointment for a guest
12. Taxi booking
13. Yacht booking
14. Currency Exchange Rate Information


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Museum of Islamic Art
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The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to reflecting the full vitality, complexity and diversity of the arts of the Islamic world. It is a world-class collecting institution, which preserves, studies and exhibits masterpieces spanning three continents and 13 centuries. As a centre for information, research and creativity, the Museum aims to reach a wide global audience and serve as a hub for dialogue and cultural exchange.

Telephone: +974 4422 4444 Website:  

Hours: The Museum of Islamic Art is open Saturday through Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Museum is closed on Tuesdays, December 25 and the first day of Eid.
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
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The Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, is a museum for the world. It will bring the world to Doha, but it will also connect Doha to the world. The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to being the foremost museum of Islamic art in the world, and as well a centre of education and information in the field of the arts of the Islamic world. Through the vision of its leadership and the dedication of its staff, the Museum of Islamic Art will manifest this commitment by establishing, preserving, and documenting a collection that reflects the vitality, the complexity, and the diversity of the arts of the Islamic world.

Opening Hours

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
3 p.m. – 9 p.m.
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Admission to Mathaf is free

Museums of Qatar
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Wind Tower House
One of Qatar’s very few remaining “wind tower” houses, just off Grand Hamad Street in Najada Shopping Plaza, this was formerly used as an ethnographic museum. Built in the 14th century of the Hejira (Muslim) calendar and first restored in 1982, the building has been taken over by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture and further restored to serve as a Gulf Architectural Heritage Centre. Although currently closed to the public it provides a popular photo opportunity. The square wind tower known locally as badghir, was used in the Gulf prior to the days of electricity to provide a very efficient form of natural “air conditioning”.

Weaponry Museum
The Weaponry Museum in Al Luqta houses an amazing display of gold and silver swords and daggers from the region as well as weapons and armor dating back to the 16th century. Among the collection are magnificent ceremonial swords that belonged to members of the ruling families throughout the Gulf, including an 18th century gold-encrusted dagger that was once the property of Sheikh Bin Abdullah Al-Thani, a sword belonging to King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and a khunjar that belonged to the famed Lawrence of Arabia. The museum has, at its core, the private collection of Sheikh Hassan Bil Mohammed Bin Al-Thani, which was purchased from him by the state in 1004 and now comes under the protection of the Department of Museums and Antiquities. The beauty and rarity of this collection is reflected in the tasteful layout of the display cabinets, with each of the 2,314 weapons carrying information on origin and antiquity. Each exhibit is labeled in English and Arabic and some of the displays include relevant photographs or paintings.Visits are by appointments only.

Jabal Al Jassasiya
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On the northwestern coast is an area known as Al Jassasiya which, aside from being known for its beautiful, isolated and untouched beaches, has been the discovery sight of rock engravings that date back to prehistoric times. More than 900 carvings were first catalogued in 1974. Jabal Al Jassasiya is the most extensive of several sites in Qatar bearing rock carvings and is considered the most significant. This journey requires a four-wheel vehicle.
Pearling Rediscovered
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The challenges and mysteries of pearling, once the mainstay of the Qatari economy, are revealed by pearl divers at the Qatari Heritage Village in the Rumeilah Park.Find out about the life of the crew on the pearling dhows and the simple equipment they used. Listen to the stories about how the divers located the pearl beds and searched for the best oysters. Watch how divers opened the shells and searched for the pearls. See how the pearls were sorted and stored. This is a fascinating look at a nearly bygone way of life.


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Katara cultural village is prestigious project that brings together the culture, arts and cuisines of different countries .It is Qatar’s focal point for local and international musical ,art and cultural festivals thought the year. Attractions include an amphitheatre, art and exhibition galleries. Al Yazwa public beach and restaurants offering diverse cuisines.
The Pearl-Qatar
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A destination of aspirations, The Pearl-Qatar will take you to a lifestyle of incredible qualities. Fine homes on an island paradise - shops and restaurants featuring the world's best known brands, a water-side haven of marine activity - all this and more combine to create an environment which is second to none in the Arabian Gulf.
Inland Sea
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1 hour
There are a number of attractions worth visiting in close proximity to Doha, the most notable of which is Khor Al Udeid, or “the Inland Sea”. Qatar, along with Namibia, is one of only two countries in the world to be blessed with such a unique and sprawling body of desert water. The dramatic contrast between the towering sand dunes and the expansive landlocked sea is a breathtaking sight that attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year.
Jabal Al Jassasiya
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On the northwestern coast is an area known as Al Jassasiya which, aside from being known for its beautiful, isolated and untouched beaches, has been the discovery sight of rock engravings that date back to prehistoric times. More than 900 carvings were first catalogued in 1974. Jabal Al Jassasiya is the most extensive of several sites in Qatar bearing rock carvings and is considered the most significant. This journey requires a four-wheel vehicle.


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Searching for wildlife in Qatar’s deserts can be difficult as the animals blend in so well with the sand and rocks that they are hard to spot.
Home to more than 1,500 animals belonging to 147 species from all over the world, the 42-hectare Doha Zoo on Al Furousiya St represents a miniature animal kingdom, and is a great opportunity to see the region’s desert creatures alongside traditional zoo animals. New species are regularly introduced through a number of international zoo exchange programmes.
There is a children’s play area, a cafeteria, and lush landscaped areas with plenty of shade, making it an ideal spot for a picnic. The Zoo is open 8 am – 12 pm and 2:30 pm – 7:30 pm daily (closed Friday mornings).
Aspire Park
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Located behing the Hyatt Plaza, the Villagio Mall and Aspire Zone, this park is a favorite for joggers and families. With the only lake in Qatar, a small hill and various kinds of trees, it is a unique place to relax, whether you stay in the coffee shop or just enjoy the lawn.
Dahl Al Hammam Park
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The park, off Arab League and Al Markhiya Streets in the Medinat Khalifa North area of Doha, is named after the nearby limestone cavern which has a small freshwater lake in the bottom, linked to the sea by a series of underground caves and tunnels. The park has a substantial children’s play area and free Wi-Fi access.
Al Rumeila Park
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An oasis of calm along Corniche Doha Bay, Al Rumeila Park is in a popular family play area that resembles a traditional Qatari Village with grass, trees and water gardens. The park has a playground with slides, swings and rope roundabouts on soft sand next to the Doha Heritage Village, fitness equipment and a small kiosk that sells refreshments in the evening. This family park also features an open air theater for an annual cultural festival that showcases local artists. Families relax and have picnics with their children until the sun sets. Surrounding the park are shops and a small auditorium, which was used for the opening of the American Jazz Festival.
Bird Watching
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The greening of wide patches of Qatar in recent years has created a welcoming environment for migratory birds and a permanent home for many other species. Irrigation systems have helped create large gardens, parks and game fields, transforming what was once a hostile environment for many species of wildlife intosafe havens. Migratory birds that previously over flew the desert areas are now returning year after year en rout from summer to winter habitats and visa versa, with several species breeding in Qatar before leaving the heat of the summer. Dedicated birdwatchers have identified well over 250 species, with as many as 25 of them now year round residents. Mangrove plantations on the coast north of Al Khor are popular haunts of local ornithologists. Gulls, cormorants and waders can be spotted along the shorelines, while ducks, geese, mallard, stilt and teal can be seen in the vicinity of Rumeilah Park, Doha Zoo and Doha Golf Club.
Aqua Park Qatar
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Aqua Park Qatar, with a capacity of over 3,000 visitors, is located in the Abu Nakhla area, approximately 15km from the Industrial Area flyover on Salwa Road.

The park boasts a variety of services such as kiosks and cafés and also features a “wave pool” and a variety of slides 14 to 20 meters high as well as a “lazy river.”

The first phase of Aqua Park Qatar covers 50,000 square meters. Its parking area can accommodate some 400 cars.


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Islands around Qatar
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Ishat Island
Located in the southeastern portion of the country, Ishat Island has a total area of about 20 square kilometres. It consists of three flat-topped islets bordered with light coloured cliffs and two detached rocks lying northeast of Khor Al-Udaid.

Shra’o Island
Situated about 48 kilometres northeast of Ishat Island, Shra’o Island rises to 36.5’ and has many hummocks. There is also a small fringed reef and a sandy beach used by turtles to lay their eggs. Just three hours away from Doha by speedboat, Shra’o Island serves as a haven to thousands of seabirds.

Haloul Island
This hilly island rises to an elevation of 190 feet and is surrounded by excellent fishing grounds. The seabed is made up of coral reefs with a large variety of magnificent and beautiful coral fish and offers wonderful opportunities for scuba divers to observe marine life.

Al-Saflia Island
Just a 15-minute boat ride from Doha, Al-Saflia Island is considered a tourist resort – even with its tiny size of .8 square kilometres.Alia IslandTo the west and complimenting Al-Saflia Island lies the small land mass of Alia Island – just slightly over 2 square kilometres in size.

Oryx Farm
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The nature reserve in Al Sheehaniya, is home to the largest herd of Arabian Oryx in the world. Visitors can see at first hand the graceful creature that some say is the origin of the legend of the unicorn. The Arabian Oryx was once threatened by extinction; these graceful creatures now live and breed as protected herds in Qatar. The Arabian Oryx is Qatar's national symbol.

Shopping Malls

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The Mall
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D-ring road, Al Matar Al Qadeem
Tel: (+974) 4467 8888

Qatar’s first Western-style mall, The Mall is at the forefront of the latest in retail trends and truly has something for everyone.

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Madinat Khalifa, North
Tel: (+974) 4487 5222

Landmark is home to the British department stores Marks & Spencer and Bhs, plus a branch of Carrefour.


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C ring road, Ramada Signal
Tel: (+974) 4437 5796

This Shopping complex houses high fashion boutiques.

Hyatt Plaza
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Al Waab Street, Al Aziziyah
Tel: (+974) 4469 4848

Hyatt Plaza features international clothing labels and home furnishing stores.

City Center-Doha
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Diplomatic District
Tel: (+974) 4483 9990

Anchor tenants include the British department store Debenhams and the French hypermarket Carrefour, as well as a wide range of both international and local retail outlets.


Royal Plaza
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Al Sadd
Tel: (+974) 4413 0000

A boutique mall featuring designer brands.

The Gate Mall
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The shopping complex combines cutting-edge interior design with a relaxing ambience, with a number of areas designed to feature exhibition spaces, hosting art and sculptures created especially for the mall

Tel: +974 4493-2524


Salam Plaza
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Diplomatic District
Tel: (+974) 4483 2050

Department stores carrying a wide range of up market merchandise.

Centre Point (Al Asmakh Mall)
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Al Defal, near Sports roundabout, Al Sadd
Tel: (+974) 4442 1766

Al Asmakh Mall has numerous lifestyle shops, as well as the namesake Centre point store.
Villagio Mall
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Al Waab Street, Al Aziziyah
Tel: (+974) 4442 1766

Please note: The Villagio Mall is currently closed for renovation.

Villagio Mall has big brands such as Carrefour, Virgin and Boots, as well as a luxury section.

Lagoona Mall
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Lagoona Mall is a shopping center at the base of the Zig Zag towers and has 170 stores.
Tel: +974 4425-7763


Blue Salon
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C ring road, Bin Mahmoud South
Tel: (+974) 4446 6111

One of the premier department stores in Doha.



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Tel: (+974) 44136000
This impressive sports facility incorporates ASPIRE Dome ,the Academy for sports excellence, Khalifa international stadium, Hamad Aquatic Center, Aspire park and the ladies sports Hall . Aspire active fitness programmers are run thought the year, with summer camps in July and August.
Doha Golf Club
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Tel: (+974) 4496 0777
Doha Golf Club boasts an 18 hole Championship Course, a 9 hole Academy Course, an enormous driving range and putting green, 8 artificial lakes, graceful landscaping and a beautiful clubhouse designed in old traditional Arabic style, which has been located at one of the highest points on the course giving it a magnificent prominence.
Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club
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Tel: (+974) 44808122
Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex
(show details)

Tel: (+974) 4440 9666