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TOCA Pre-Theater Menu

For The Ultimate Pre-Theater Experience

TOCA represents the best of TOronto, CAnada, and is proud to collaborate with Chef Oliver Glowig of 2-Michelin Star Ristorante Oliver Glowig in Rome. Enjoy the unique taste and textures of Oliver’s cuisine, crafted with the best local ingredients and seasonal flavours.

Experience a delectable 2 or 3-course Pre-Show Menu from $28, available daily between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Pre-Theater Menu


Zuppa di Fungi
Northern Woods clear mushroom soup, sourdough
toast, bone marrow


Insalata d’Autonno
Autumn greens, mushrooms and dried fruits

Main Course

Galletto Croccante
Lemon and rosemary roasted half cornish hen, Roman
gnocchi, rustic mustard jus


Ontario trout, fork-mashed potato, spring green onion,
yoghurt sauce


The Cake
Ritz-Carlton signature chocolate cake


Cachie Melograno
Yogurt mousse, pomegranate sorbet & persimmon

Any Two Courses $28 per person
Three Courses $35 per person

Please visit for more details and to make reservations online.