Parkstrasse 1, 38440 Wolfsburg Germany
Phone:  +49 5361 60 7000   •  Map & Directions


The Autostadt (Car City) is a forum for mobility built by Volkswagen – one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. This center of excellence is dedicated to the automobile in a rather unusual way by emphasizing design, art, architecture and science – without highlighting cars.

Twenty-eight hectares of rolling hills and lakes, together with extraordinary architecture and design, form the background to the multifaceted attractions at this Autostadt theme park in Germany. An exhibition of the definitive car classics at 'Zeithaus' allows a view into the past, while artwork and films stimulate discussions, and interactive research stations offer opportunities for experimentation.

Both as a landmark for the Autostadt and a storage system for up to 800 new cars, the Car Towers are visible far into the distance – thanks mainly to their spectacular nightly illumination. The 48 meter high, fully automated, high-rise stack towers majestically overlook the Autostadt and Wolfsburg’s landscape. The glass-encased steel construction allows a clear view into its interior, revealing the sparkling new Volkswagens it houses.

LEVEL GREEN – The Concept of Sustainability
The exhibition LEVEL GREEN examines various dimensions of sustainability and uses architecture to display the content in an interactive and playful way. Situated on approximately 1,000 m², the experiential space is divided into six themed areas and 25 exhibits.

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