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Escape worldly cares at our Florida spa resort.

Escape to The Ritz-Carlton Spa®, Amelia Island where time doesn't stand still, but it does slow and soften. At one of the most luxurious Florida spas, the rhythm is set by the rocking of waves, the ebb and flow of tidal marshes and a gentle Southern pace. Here time heals, replenishes and refreshes while you enjoy a luxurious salt scrub. Let cares and distractions melt away as you relax under the therapeutic benefits of zero gravity with a Heaven in Hammock massage. Or simply take time to breathe deep in a eucalyptus infused steam room. In this tranquil atmosphere, we invite you to connect with what is elemental – in yourself and the seaside surroundings. 

Reserve by Phone
For more information about this distinctive Florida spa, or to reserve a spa treatment, please call (904) 277-1087.

Spa and Salon Hours of Operation
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Featured Treatments

Island Retreat Facial

Reawaken dry, thirsty skin with the healing powers of nature.  This luxurious treatment combines luscious organic ingredients with a unique facial massage featuring fossilized coral stones from the sea, along with warm obsidian stones and Tiger Cowry shells.

Ocean Healing

Harnessing the benefits of the primal ocean, this treatment is revitalizing and relaxing.  The therapeutic bath stimulates circulation, preparing the body for a sea sale exfoliation to remove lifeless skin cells and reveal soft, hydrated skin.  A warm salt stone massage instills deep relaxation.

Heaven in a Hammock

A  combination of touch therapy that helps to balance the body, calm the mind and instill deep relaxation.  This unique experience is carried out while suspended in a hammock in our spa room.  Loosing fitting clothing should be worn to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

A Wrap Two Remember

A romantic couple’s experience with a bubbly bath, sugar scrub, hydrating body mask and decadent warm hair and scalp conditioning treatment on a table made for two. Paraffin for hands and feet and a full body massage complete the service. A complimentary bottle of champagne is included.