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JPY 9,040 per person

*The rate includes all taxes and service charges.
*Minimum 16 years of age

Advance reservation required. Please contact the hotel for schedules or for more information.

Italian cuisine program

The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa proudly presents Italian Cooking Studio. Learn from our talented chef’s recipes such as “Chicken and Red Wine Ragout”. Join us at Kise restaurant for this special cooking class and enjoy the conversation with our Italian chef as well as freshly cooked lunch.

Okinawan cuisine program

Okinawa dish cooking class introduces popular dishes such as “Fu Champuru” and “Jushi”. Also you have an opportunity to learn how to make “Popo” crepe, which are prepared to wish for family health and children’s growth and offered before the family altar on Children’s day.

*Cooking classes alternate between Italian and Okinawan cuisine.
*Champuru – one of Okinawa’s main dishes, stir fried vegetables with fu (wheat gluten). Okinawan direct “Champuru” means “to mix together”.
*Jushi – Okinawan seasoned rice dish prepared with a choice of ingredients including pork and vegetables.
*Popo – traditional Okinawan crepe.