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Planning Your Trip

From strolling along a powdery beach and exploring a remote jungle landscape to enjoying a peaceful moment touring centuries-old fortresses, Japan’s southernmost prefecture offers many exciting vacation activities. Pack wisely to enjoy all Okinawa has to offer.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
What To Pack

May through June is considered rainy season and downpours can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to throw a lightweight umbrella in your tote bag.

Day Trips
  • Just beyond the resort, there are many activities to explore on the 70-mile-long island. Depending on your interests, it would be wise to pack a few of these items.

  • From January to March, whale watching is a spectacular way to spend an afternoon. Bring a lightweight waterproof layer to protect against light sea spray.

  • Spring and summer are a popular times to go trekking in Yambaru Forest — home to some of the last surviving areas of subtropical rainforest in Asia — so bring comfortable walking shoes for the excursion.

  • Don’t forget a waterproof pouch for phones or cameras to capture images of the stunning scenery and rare animals while kayaking among the mangroves on the northern part of the island.

Beach Vacation
  • The prefecture of Okinawa is famed for its pristine and vast beaches, and the area surrounding the resort is particularly known for its warm waters and soft sand.

  • Bring along two bathing suits to make the most of the opportunities for sun and swim — one will always be dry and at the ready, even if you go for a swim twice (or more) in a day.

  • Sun is plentiful year-round in Okinawa, so pack sunscreen and reapply often. In addition, bring a hat to shield your eyes and face from the rays.

  • Particularly after a big surf storm or typhoon, shelling along Okinawa’s beaches can yield quite a boon. Bring a small tote to collect your seashell treasures.

Resort Essentials
  • Of course, visitors would be wise to spend a day relaxing at the resort and savoring its many amenities. Bring a few key items along to make the most of your downtime.

  • The Ritz-Carlton is nestled within the Kanehide Kise Country Club with direct access to an 18-hole golf course. Pack your clubs and shoes to play a round or two.

  • The award-winning spa features a sauna, steam room, vitality pool, hot dipping pools, and spa area. While robes and slippers are provided, consider bringing comfortable clothing for lounging in the relaxation room after your treatment.

  • While temperatures can soar outdoors, most buildings offer air conditioning. Pack a lightweight sarong or layer to ward off any chill.    
Travel for Good
Travel for Good
What To Reserve

While many travel to Okinawa, Japan, for the sun and stunning beaches, there are many other spectacular things to see and do, from world-class dining and relaxing spa appointments to touring historic sites. In addition to the requisite rental car or taxi, arrange a few activities before your visit to take full advantage of your trip to the region.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image

When you arrive in Okinawa, which consists of 150 small islands, you might not think you’re in Japan. The country’s southernmost prefecture is the antithesis of Tokyo’s sprawling megalopolis. Instead of skyscrapers and neon signs, Okinawa’s skyline is marked by gently swaying palm trees and the biggest light show is when the sun sets. Settle into a slower pace of life and take the time to enjoy the view, because with everything from snorkeling and white-sand beaches to ancient ruins and stunning waterfalls, Okinawa is truly a slice of paradise.