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From JPY 7,000 per person

*The rate includes all taxes and service charges

Advance reservation required. Please contact the hotel for schedules or for more information.

You can experience goat's milk* an original herbal soap-making by selecting ingredients unique to Okinawa – such as gettou, a shell ginger (same family to ginger) and kuccha sea mud** as well as other organic materials.

*Goat's milk is highly nutritious, containing essential vitamins and minerals such as protein and amino acids. It has become more recognized as healthy drink and skin care products in recent years.

**Formulated with sea silt, Kucha sea mud is only available in Okinawa. It is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium since it had been deposited on the seabed of Okinawa for millions of years. Okinawan women used dried Kucha sea mud as a hair treatment powder, and also apply directly to the face as a facial treatment.