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A seven meter cypress Sushi counter overlooking a Japanese garden. Sumibiyaki fired over high-grade ubame oak charcoal from Wakayama.Find yourself enveloped in the comfort and beauty of Japanese tradition enhanced with conceptual décor whisking you away to a garden filled with a profusion of flowers. A timeless Epicurean Oasis.

True to the richness of Osaka culinary culture, guests can savor in five varieties of Japanese cuisine, married perfectly with the finest alcohols.

 Sushi × Japanese Sake
 Sumibiyaki × Sweet Potato Shochu
 Teppanyaki × Red Wine
 Tempura × Champagne

Feast on these succulent cuisines woven together by our top chefs to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.

  • Two tatami mat private dining rooms and one table private dining room
  • Lunch served daily from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Dinner served daily from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.
  • All seats are non-smoking, except for private rooms


Take your taste buds on a tour of all five areas of our Japanese restaurant Hanagatami. Savor the exquisite, seasonal tastes of Sushi, Kaiseki, Teppanyaki, Tempura and Sumibiyaki.

Price  100,000 yen per two

* The above price is subject to consumption tax and 15% service charge
* Please make a reservation by the day before
* Weekdays only


Edomae sushi prepared with the finest of the seasonal catch from all parts of Japan, especially Kansai. Komai rice harvested in Tottori prefecture is used in each sushi jewel.

The large grains of the rice, prepared in water sourced from Tottori as well, lend to creating sumptuous nigiri sushi. Enjoy your sushi with our original soy sauce crafted in house boasting a mellow fragrance infused with subtle hints of unrefined sake. Our chefs will select Japanese sake from our cellars that pairs perfectly with your sushi order.


Grilled over high-grade ubame oak charcoal to bring out the savory flavors of select ingredients, feast on sumibiyaki with salts carefully selected from all over the Japanese archipelago.

Fresh seafood, pork from the finest brands in Japan, free-range poultry, and seasonal vegetables suitable to sumibiyaki are grilled in front of your very eyes for a succulent culinary experience. Enjoy with sweet potato shochu to enhance the subtle flavors of these sumibiyaki gems.


In addition to traditional Japanese multi-course kaiseki cuisine featuring seasonal fish and vegetables, the menu is comprised of quality items including sashimi, simmered dishes, and grilled dishes. In this area, sushi, teppanyaki, tempura, sumibiyaki can also be ordered a la carte.

The Japanese black beef shabu shabu course begins with a sashimi appetizer, followed by Japanese black beef sirloin and an array of vegetables dipped in a flavorful dashi broth to taste. Close your meal by enjoying udon using the dashi broth, which will be steeped with the flavors of the beef and vegetables.

Wagyu Beef Syabu Syabu (PDF)

11,500 yen per person

Hanagatami Kaiseki (5F)

For reservations, please call (81) 6-6343-7020

* The above price is subject to consumption tax and 15% service charge.



Delight in an array of beefs, including Iga beef, selected from the highest-quality Japanese brands, with choice salts and original Hanagatami soy sauce. Our chefs and sommeliers will recommend wines to accompany your meal.

After a small appetizer, enjoy black abalone dancing on the grill at the teppanyaki section. Then savor grilled locally grown vegetables and Japanese black beef. The garlic rice that finishes off the meal is a firm favorite.

22,000 yen per person

Hanagatami Teppanyaki (5F)



Our chefs display their refined craftsmanship with exquisite tempura prepared from seasonal ingredients, finely coated in a specially formulated batter, and fried to a crisp in a fine blend of two oils. The chefs’ signature tempura sauce and recommended salts acquired from all regions of Japan will enhance your experience. Pairs eloquently with champagne.