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A beautifully designed place where timber floors and wood paneling create a warm and relaxing yet stylish ambience. An extensive collection of books, with topics ranging from film and theatre to art and travel, is on hand for contemplative pleasure.

A distinctive culinary experience unfolds every evening Monday through Saturday with fine and innovative creations meticulously crafted by YTL Corporate Executive Chef Wai Look Chow. Inspired by Two Friends – One Cuisine, a coffee table book collaboration with Austrian Michelin-starred chef Johann Lafer, the beautifully curated menu is an amalgamation of European and Asian flavors.

A Menu Du Jour is served at dinner on Sundays. A selection of fine wines, Cognac, Armagnac and cocktails are celebrated in the beverage portfolio.

A choice of premium cigars are available at The Smoke Room to enjoy with postprandial drinks.

  • Sophisticated casual attire recommended
  • Reservations are recommended