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Bringing together local herbs and healing traditions with European and Eastern hydrotherapy philosophies, Al Wadi Spa offers a spa sanctuary in the Dubai desert. Signature treatments aim to relieve and restore with post-tan soothers, refreshing body scrubs and relaxing massages. The Rainforest invites guests to journey through 16 state-of-the-art hydrothermal therapies, each pampering different parts of the body.


Reserve a Treatment
For more information or to make a reservation, please call +971 72067777.

Spa Hours of Operation
Daily 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Treatments 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Rainforest facilities 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; ladies-only 11 to 12:30 p.m. and 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Featured Treatments

Royal Wadi

Relieve your sun tanned skin as the cooling Aloe Lavender Healer is being smoothed all over your body. A delicate body scrub consisting of green apple, cucumber and white sesame follows to remove dead skin cells and nourish the tender skin. Complete the indulgent experience with a Relaxing Massage and a Jade Face Massage.

150-minute treatment includes:
Aloe Lavender Healer • Apple Cucumber Refresher • Relaxing Massage • Jade Face Massage

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Al Wadi Pampering Day

For a full day of pampering and care-free indulgence, Al Wadi Day features signature therapies for complete top to toe renewal. Besides luxurious spa treatments, a sumptuous yet healthy spa cuisine lunch complements the wellness experience.

Choice of Body Scrubs, 30 minutes
Choice of Body Massages, 90 minutes
The Rainforest Experience, 90 minutes

Lunch at Al Waha

Choice of Facials, 60 minutes
Foot Massage, 60 minutes

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The Rainforest

The Rainforest is a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with time-honoured Asian wellness philosophy to create a calming haven dedicated for holistic rejuvenation. With a trail of 16 state-of-the-art hydrothermal therapies and facilities, each designed to soothe and revitalize different parts of your body.

60 minutes

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Total Rejuvenation

Select from a choice of body scrubs, carefully concocted and freshly prepared, harnessing the natural benefits of locally sourced ingredients. Each body scrub presents unique benefits to suit different skin types. Emerge with smoother skin after the body scrub and choose from a selection of body massages to complete the rejuvenating experience.

90/120-minute treatment includes:
Choice of body scrubs • Choice of 60min/90min body massages (except hot stone)

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Body Scrubs

Barley Green Tea BrightenerFor All Skin Types
Energise yourself with this soothing medley of barley, green tea and honey which nourishes and protects the skin.

Soya Protein BrightenerFor All Skin Types
Rich in Vitamin C and proteins, this body scrub nourishes and softens your skin leaving it silky smooth.

Turmeric Honey CleanserFor All Skin Types
Renowned for its healing and cleansing properties, turmeric mixed with honey, tamarind and sesame seeds make this a highly refreshing body scrub.

Citrus RefresherFor Oily Skin
A zesty body scrub ideal for oily skin, it is rich in Vitamin C to cleanse and refresh your skin.

Lemongrass Turmeric CleanserFor All Skin Types
Experience an exceptional glow with this body scrub, concocted with turmeric powder and fresh lemongrass. Turmeric brings out the radiance of the skin, while lemongrass helps to improve blood circulation.  

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