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The Rainforest is a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with time-honoured Asian wellness philosophy to create a calming haven dedicated for holistic rejuvenation. With a trail of 16 state-of-the-art hydrothermal therapies and facilities, each designed to soothe and revitalise different parts of your body.

60-minute experience | AED 200+

The Rainforest Experiences

Affusion Showers
Tantalise your senses with varied rain shower experiences, including a warm Summer Storm, a cold Arctic Mist and a Tropical Rainbow alongside vivid lighting effects. These showers are designed to increase or reduce body temperature, making them a good complement between the different hydrothermal treatments and bringing the showering experience to a whole new level.

Aroma Steam
Feel your tension melt away in these two aromatic steam chambers, each offering an unique scent. With a high temperature, heavy perspiration is induced which in turn promotes body detoxification. Your immune system also receives a boost as circulation improves.

Brine Cavern
The combination of steam and salt is the ideal remedy that opens up the nasal passage. The body temperature gradually increases, to gently strengthen the circulatory system and initiate a purifying process.Bucket

Bucket Drench Shower
Brace yourself for the Bucket Drench Shower experience as the sudden change in temperature closes the pores of the skin to improve its tone and clarity. Try this age-old unique hydrotherapy as one is drenched from head to toe with a massive amount of water falling from a bucket feature. An invigorating experience!

Grotto Steam
This is an ideal introduction for your first detoxifying treatment. High humidity steam gently warms the body to stimulate the blood circulation while your mind slowly relaxes as the therapeutic aroma infuses the cabin.

Steeped in rich Middle Eastern bath ritual traditions for body cleansing and purification, the Hammam features four individual cabins, as well as a shower and a bubbling jet pool to refresh the senses.

Herbal Sauna
Be soothed by the aromatic essence of dried herbs and flowers in this warm, comforting chamber. Graduating soothing lights adds to this multi-sensory hydrothermal treatment.

Ice Igloo
Awaken the senses with a cold rub-down with ice crystals or a rain shower. This unique and refreshing experience helps boost one’s blood circulation. Rub fresh ice on your body to tighten your skin while enhancing your circulatory system. Recommended for those who wish to address a specific cellulite-prone area.

Nature’s Glow and Touch
A rejuvenating salt scrub ritual in a soothing aromatic environment to exfoliate dead skin for increased circulation and cell renewal. This process will leave your skin feeling soft and prepare your body for the next hydrothermal treatment.

Rain Walk
Surrender yourself to an invigorating Rain Walk and be caressed with a generous shower of warm water to cleanse your body before continuing your journey of The Rainforest.

Feel your tension melting away in this dry chamber. With a high temperature, heavy perspiration is induced which in turn promotes body detoxification. Your immune system also receives a boost as circulation improves.

Sole Therapy
Treat your feet and calf muscles to the delightful sole therapy that helps to soothe aches and pains, bringing the bounce back to your steps. It promotes a healthy sole with two tingling foot spas – the pebbled pond feature combines the rejuvenating effects of alternating cold and hot hydrotherapy while the cross-current walk feature is ideal for a light sole exercise.

Tropical Rain Shower
This state-of-art hydrotherapy facility combines scent, lighting and varying water temperatures for a heightened shower experience.

Vitality Pool

Water jets are used for the treatment of stress, to soothe tense muscles and improve blood circulation, working like a soft acupressure massage all over the body to calm and relax the body. The Vitality Pool consists of six different acupressure jet stations:

  • Hydro Massage Lounger
  • Hydro Massage Jets for Upper Body
  • Hydro Massage Jets for Lower Body
  • Relaxing Foot Spa
  • Waterfalls for Neck & Shoulders
  • Body Massager

A Guide to The Rainforest

The most important rule of thermal bathing is to allow time for your body temperature to cool and normalise after using a warm hydrothermal experience. Body cooling can be accelerated by using the various showers and the Ice Igloo. Please proceed through The Rainforest according to the map sequence for optimal benefits.

A period of passive relaxation on a lounger is always recommended to complete the therapeutic process. The greatest benefits are achieved when the guests adhere to these rules and guidance from your Spa Host.

*Children under 18 years are not permitted to use the hydrothermal facility at the Rainforest.
*Guests are advised to bring their own swimwear to The Rainforest.

Special Considerations:

Guests who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart problem or any other health and medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors before signing up for any spa services. Please notify the spa therapist of any of your specific health or medical.

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