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Meet The team

DEBBIE JORDAN, Head Bartender

Debbie Jordan is consistently pushing the limits with cocktailing, bringing to life garden to glass and in-house barrel-aged beverages on the cocktail menu at Degrees Bistro. Working closely with the culinary team to pair seasonal drinks with specialties of the kitchen, Debbie strives to create an innovative craft cocktail list of both original and classic recipes, using only the highest quality ingredients, locally grown herbs, and fresh produce.

Ismael Gutierrez, executive SOUS CHEF

With over 15 years in the culinary industry, Chef Ismael Gutierrez crafts a customized, tailored and personalized dining experience for his guests. His passion for traveling the world, diving deep into cultures and diverse encounters is what enlivens his culinary creations. Paying close attention to using the freshest ingredients, his menu is a blend of locally inspired dishes that bring to life the historical elements of the restaurant’s setting, and showcase his artisanal approach to cooking.