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Restaurant Team

Mixologist – Frank Li

Mixologist-in-residence Frank has set the Tianjin bar scene alight with his innovative techniques and unforgettable ability to add his own twist to even the most venerable of classic cocktails. His self-taught enthusiasm and scientific approach have already led to the creation of several Tianjin favorites, including FLAIR’s signature China Rose Martini—a drink which captures the essence of the establishment with its complex interplay of sophisticated flavors and indelible Asian charm.

Chef – Henry Li

FLAIR’s Sous Chef Henry, meanwhile, has worked alongside Executive Chef Ornato Antunes to create a menu as groundbreaking as the establishment serving it. Among Chef Henry’s unforgettable Asian creations are his signature Laksa; a slow-cooked Wagyu beef short rib with baby cabbage and teriyaki sauce and crispy-fried Vietnamese crab meat and chicken spring rolls with lime-chili dip.

DJ - Real

The enigmatic DJ Real is tasked with scouring the bleeding edge of contemporary music to create amazing sets every night of the week. A veteran of the Beijing-Tianjin club circuit, her obsessively-cool mixes draw listeners into witty juxtapositions and complex dynamics in search of the ultimate aural singularity: the euphoric tapping into of a cosmic, collective rhythm.