A Cairo Hotel Offering Views and Liveliness


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In the heart of downtown, The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo has some impressive neighbors. Out front, the River Nile carries feluccas and ancient tales. Just a short distance from the hotel, guests can shop in the bazaar ditrict, visit the Egyptian Museum, home to the country’s treasured artifacts, and take a stoll through Tahrir Square. Hotel guests are encouraged to explore all sides of the city, from the iconic Pyramids to the Cairo Opera House. And on a hot summer day, the hotel’s Olympic-sized pool, fringed with private cabanas, is the perfect escape.

On-Site Outlets
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The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Cairo

The calming scent of jasmine, the soft glow of candles and the decadence of a milk foot bath are reminders of the rich history that flows throughout Cairo. Inspired by healing traditions from the past, the hotel spa offers a luxury retreat where indulgenc

10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Appointment required
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Fitness Center

Overlooking downtown Cairo,The gym features modern equipment and the expertise of personal trainers.

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
Outdoor Pool


Outdoor Pool

Mon-Sun : 9:00 AM-6:00 PM


A Cairo Hotel for the Entire Family

Cairo is a destination designed for exploration, from ancient landmarks to cultural experiences. Within this hotel, guests are offered an array of activities to fulfill their desire to “stay in.” The Olympic-sized pool is the largest in downtown and features 17 luxury cabanas. For guests traveling with children, Ritz Kids introduces young guests to the land, people and culture of Cairo through daily activities that are both educational and fun.

The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa

A Cairo Spa Inspired by Egyptian Beauty Rituals

Tales of Cleopatra’s beauty have survived since her reign in Ancient Egypt. The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa in Cairo borrows from the queen’s use of natural ingredients, adding luxury touches to her already decadent rituals. A soothing milk foot-bath, a sea-salt exfoliation and a warming mineral-rich mud cocoon are among the signature experiences at this hotel spa. Treatments include innovative facials, classic massages and purposeful body wraps. Of the nine treatment rooms, one is reserved for couples.

Two white spherical candles burn in front of a stack of folded white towels scattered with white petals
Skin Deep Sensation

Forget about house chores for a day and while they rush to work or school, allow yourself some quality time for you to be pampered, you deserve it after all. Visit The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa on Tuesdays and enjoy 50% savings on a full hour of pampering massage of your choice.

Whether you take a dip into the sunny pool to rejuvenate for the day or to simply relax and unplug from all the chores ahead of you. The Ladies and Gentlemen of The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa we will take good care of you.

Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Bridal Spa Specials

To ease the pre-wedding stress and prepare for the big day, indulge in a customized spa experience that revives the body and soul. The Spa pampers brides from head to toe with this exclusively tailored Bridal Package. Our unique Bridal Spa Package begins with Royal Ritual Experience.


Offers are subject to availibility. For more information or reservations call at +20225778899 or email here.

Prior to Arrival

When should I arrive?
For your enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled treatment to also enjoy our sauna, steam room, or relaxation area.

What about my jewelry and valuables?

Lockers are available for personal items, however if you are a guest of the hotel, it is recommended that you leave valuable items in the safe in your guest room.

Should I shave before a treatment?

Shaving is recommended but not necessary for a gentleman especially prior to a facial. If you chose to shave prior to your facial, please do so at least two hours before your appointment. Shaving is not recommended prior to body treatments.

Upon Arrival

What should I wear during my treatment?
During all treatments, the body is fully draped, except for the area being worked on. Robes and slippers are provided as well as disposable underwear. All treatments can be enjoyed by both male & female guests, but the gender of your therapist will always be that of the guest’s choice.

What about my comfort?

Our spa environment offers you the outmost sense of relaxation and tranquility, for this reason we request that all cell-phones and pagers in the spa be switched off. Your spa experience is your time, and you should delight in it to the fullest. If you experience discomfort due to room temperature, massage pressure, music volume or any other condition, please notify your therapist immediately.

Spa Policies

Is there a minimum age for treatments?
The Ritz-Carlton Spa services and facilities are for guests 18 years of age or older.

What if I am late for my appointment?

To enhance your spa experience, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment. Arriving late will simply limit the time of your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed. The full value of your treatment will be charged.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify the spa 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full service fee.

What about gratuities?

Gratuities will be dispersed to the spa staff that served you during your visit. Additional gratuities may be provided at your discretion.

What about payment for spa services?
Credit cards are accepted. You may also charge services to your hotel bill. All prices are quoted in Egyptian pounds.


Who can guide me in choosing my treatments?
Spa services should be scheduled in advance. The spa reservation agents can assist you in planning your spa experience, including the best order of treatments.

Are gift certificates available from The Ritz-Carlton Spa?

Yes, gift certificate vouchers may be purchased and used towards spa services or any other product purchases.

What if I have special health considerations?

When making a reservation please notify the agent of any medical conditions, allergies, physical ailments or disabilities, and if you are pregnant.

What if I am pregnant?
There are a few services that should be avoided during pregnancy, but many can be enjoyed.

Featured Spa Treatments
Romantic Rose Treatment
  • At The Nile Ritz-Carlton Spa, couples can pamper themselves with the divine Rose treatment for two.

  • Daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. | Treatments from 10 a.m.
Lotus Experience
  • The Lotus flower was featured prominently in ancient Egyptian culture as an abiding symbol of rebirth, and was the earthly embodiment of Nefertum, the God of perfume. To this day, the Lotus remains one of the most highly prized of all flowers, for both its beautiful appearance and heady fragrance. Combining skin revitalization and a fragrant boost, the Lotus Spa Experience uses extract of Lotus flower as the basis for a treatment that will leave guests feeling refreshed, relaxed and blissful. 

  • 120 minutes include a body treatment and a full body exfoliation with Lotus scrub using the signature fragrant Lotus oil.
Lavender Retreat
  • An ultra-relaxing treatment using the gentle warmth and fragrant scent of Lavender flowers paired with a combination of light strokes, pressure and stretching. 

  • Experience 30 minutes of an exfoliating body scrub followed by 60 minutes of rejuvenating body massage and finalized by 30 minutes of a radiance-boosting facial treatment.
Fitness Center

Escape to an Oasis of Luxury

Overlooking downtown Cairo through floor-to-ceiling windows, the 24-hour gym offers an inspiring view both morning and night. Set on the hotel’s second floor, the gym features modern equipment, luxury changing facilities and the expertise of personal trainers.

Fitness Center
Enjoy Memberships Benefits at This Cairo Gym 

The Nile Ritz-Carlton City Resort members enjoy exclusive benefits and full access to resort’s spa and facilities. Cairo residents and frequent visitors can enjoy access to the 24-hour hotel health club, complimentary spa and fitness services and additional savings throughout the hotel with an annual membership.

Single Annual Membership Fee:

  • Complete 24-hour access to all spa and gym facilities, including steam, sauna, heated marble lounge, relaxation area (including public holidays)

  • Use of our 52-meter outdoor pool

  • 20% savings on private pool cabanas (subject to availability)

  • 40% savings on spa treatments (60 minutes and above, excluding special offers)

  • 20% savings on food and non-alcoholic beverages

  • 20% savings on all fitness classes

  • 20% savings on laundry and dry cleaning

  • Option to freeze your membership for up two months

  • Complimentary valet parking

The annual Single Membership fee is 60,000 EGP per year
The Semi-Annual Single Membership fee is 30,000 EGP per 6 months


Couple Annual Membership Fee: 

  • Complete 24-hour access to all spa and gym facilities, including steam, sauna, heated marble lounge, relaxation area (including public holidays)

  • Use of our 52-meter outdoor pool

  • 20% savings on private pool cabanas (subject to availability)

  • 40% savings on spa treatments (60 minutes and above, excluding special offers)

  • 20% savings on food and non-alcoholic beverages

  • 20% savings on all fitness classes

  • 20% savings on laundry and dry cleaning

  • Option to freeze your membership for up two months

  • Complimentary valet parking

Couple Membership
The annual Couple Membership fee is 80,000 per year
The Semi-Annual Couple Membership fee is 45,000 per 6 months

Kindly note that memberships are available for adults aged 16 years and older. Membership fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.

  • Complimentary one time personal fitness assessment
  • Fitness programs designed by expert trainers
  • Changing facilities with showers, steam rooms and saunas
  • Fourteen cardio machines
  • Eleven resistance and strength training machines
  • 65cm life fitness anti-burst gym ball and dumbbells (2Kg-20Kg)

All cardio-vascular equipment in the fitness center are equipped with:

  • TV and radio channels, video and audio instructions
  • IPod docking station
  • Heart rate sensor
  • The Nile Ritz-Carlton Fitness Center is open 24 hours for members and in-house guests.
Additional Information

For more information about our various memberships and promotions, call us on: +20225802500, or e-mail us at: rc.cariz.spa.reception@ritzcarlton.com.



Ritz Kids

As Jean-Michel Cousteau says, All kids start out as scientists, constantly asking ‘Why? What’s that? How does it work?’ Ritz Kids experiences at The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo tap into that innate curiosity by introducing our youngest guests to both the natural wonders and the rich cultural traditions of our family-friendly Cairo hotel. Immersive and adventurous, the hotel’s experiences provide your child with enthralling activities to reward their interest in the beauty and workings of the world we live in. With a diverse collection of vacation activities based on the four pillars of the program – water, land, environmental responsibility and culture – kids are swept away by everything from coral reefs and forests, to recycling and sustainability, storytelling, art and even food.

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A Cairo Hotel To Explore Egypt, Both Past and Present
Planning Your Trip

The Pyramids of Giza, the Nile River and the Egyptian Museum; icons of a city with a present as rich as its past. In the center of the city, near Tahrir Square and overlooking Cairo Tower, this luxury hotel offers an easy introduction to the Egyptian capital. The concierge can plan the perfect itinerary: spend a day exploring ancient treasures, bargain for souvenirs in the Khan el Khalili bazaar and end the day with a cruise along the river.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Egypt. It was built 2560 BC, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact.

Distance: 20 km


The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

NMEC is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world displaying a collection of 50,000 artifacts, presenting the Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day including the royal mummies, which are displayed in a new interactive manner using 21st century cutting-edge technology. 

Distance: 6.6 km


Grand Egyptian Museum

The new crown of Egypt; designed to be one of the largest, most modern and renowned museums in the world. The GEM is located outside of Cairo on the Giza Plateau (and next door to the Pyramids).

Distance: 17 km


Al-Zaher Baybars Al-Bondokdari Mosque

A hidden gem located in Al-Zahir Square in Cairo that was originally constructed in year 665 AH / 1267 AD. The mosque recently was restored after parts of it was demolished and opened its doors for public once again.  

Distance: 4.6 km


Museum of Islamic Art

One of the greatest museums in the world featuring an exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster artefacts, as well as metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects of all periods, from all over the Islamic world. 

Distance: 3.6 km


Manial Palace Museum

One of the most beautiful and important historical museum in Egypt exhibiting an important period in the history of modern Egypt and is characterized by its unique and enchanting architectural design.

Distance: 3.6 km


El Moez Street in Old Cairo

An enchanting pedestrian street, and to quote the UN, it has “the greatest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world”. A must visit while you are in Cairo.

Distance: 4 km


Cairo Opera House

The Cairo Opera House, is part of Cairo's National Cultural Center, is the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital. Home to most of Egypt's finest musical groups.

Distance: 3.4km 


Citadel of Salah El Din and Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Set on a hill in the middle of Cairo, the Citadel of Saladin is one of the most iconic monuments in Islamic Cairo, and among the most impressive defensive fortresses dating to the middle Ages. The Citadel’s sprawling grounds encompass numerous museums and historic mosques.

Distance: 7.2 km


The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is home to an extensive collection of antiquities. Its120, 000 items include the house of the Golden Mask of Tutankhamun.

Distance: 550m


Islamic Cairo

Centered on the old walled city and the Citadel of Saladin, Cairo’s historic quarter is a must-see for all visitors to the capital. Home to many ancient mosques, madrassas and caravanserai, including Al Azhar, one of the city’s first mosques, the old city is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and provides a fascinating immersion into Cairo storied past.

Distance: 5.2 km


Coptic Cairo

Settled since the 6th century BCE, the city’s Coptic quarter is home to many important churches and historic buildings, including the Roman-era Babylon Fortress and the third-century Hanging Church. The Coptic Museum is home to more than 15,000 pieces from ancient Byzantine, Ottoman and Greek cultures.

Distance: 6.2 km

More Activities and Local Partners