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Shenzhen, China – September 27, 2018 – Specially invited by The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, four Michelin-starred chefs from Italy are set to present to you the sophisticated elegance of Italian cuisine and the inspiring culinary art of Michelin dining, together with Stefano, Chef de Cuisine of Paletto in October, November and December through specially designed menus.

Reimund Brunner

25 October – 27 October, 2018

Head of Michelin one-star restaurant, Anna Stuben, in Italy’s northernmost province, Trentino region, Chef Reimund Brunner has been the chef of Anna Stuben since 2011. The 37-year-old South Tyrolean acquired experience in prestigious restaurants with famous chefs in Italy and abroad, including Horst Petermann at the Petermann’s Kunststuben near Zürich, Hans Haas at the Tantris in Munich and Herbert Hinter at the Rose in Appiano. Reimund is fully aware of the responsibility that rests on his shoulders and so, he is constantly seeking and reutilizing forgotten products and ingredients, reinterpreting them with great creative flair. While Reimund’s light, simple and linear cuisine, with its immediately recognizable ingredients, is deeply rooted in local traditions; his culinary creations are never commonplace as his main objective is to convey direct and intense gastronomic sensations to his guests.

Cristoforo Trapani

8 November – 10 November, 2018

The Executive Chef of Michelin one-star restaurant La Magnolia, Chef Cristoforo, developed his passion for cooking at an early age, intertwined with the flavors and colors of his hometown and birthplace, Piano di Sorrento in Campania. He learned the tastes of fresh produce from his mother in a fruit and vegetable shop, which inspired him to prioritize the freshness of ingredients and develop a high-quality, elaborate cooking philosophy.

With his subsequent experiences working with great masters including Yannik Alléno, Heinz Beck, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Moreno Cedroni, Davide Scabin and Mirazur’s Mauro Colagreco, Chef Cristoforo acquired a reputation for collecting and advancing the rich traditions of southern Italian cuisine. He believes that a simple kitchen may never be exaggerated but is always looking for a blunt and clean taste. It was the imaginative meeting of Campania and Tuscany that motivated Chef Cristoforo to establish "La Magnolia," with the ultimate purpose of creating customer happiness.

Giuseppe Di Iorio

29 November – 1 December, 2018

Italian Chef of the Michelin one-star Aroma restaurant in Rome, Giuseppe Di Iorio is renowned for haute cuisine that combines the traditional and the avant-garde whilst maintaining authentic Italian flavors. Chef Giuseppe will bring his culinary team from the exquisite flagship Aroma Restaurant, with a spectacular terrace on the top floor of Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, overlooking the Colosseum in Rome.

Hailing from a large family with roots in Rome and Calabria, six siblings and a father who loves to cook, Chef Giuseppe discovered cooking in the most Italian of ways. After attending a hospitality school in Rome, he joined the Margutta restaurant, before moving to London’s prestigious Hyde Park Hotel, where he worked under the guidance of Giuseppe Sestito, the first Italian to hold the position of Executive Chef at the famous establishment. On his return to Rome, Giuseppe entered the world of exclusive hotel restaurants, working at such prestigious establishments as Hotel Inghilterra and Parco dei Principi. In 2005, he was reunited with Giuseppe Sestito at the Michelin-star Mirabelle restaurant on the terrace of the Hotel Splendide Royal. Since 2010, he has been working for Michelin one-star Aroma restaurant in Rome.

Paolo Gramaglia

13 December – 15 December, 2018

Executive Chef and Patron, Restaurant of the President, Paolo Gramaglia is a man of rich professional experience around the world. After studying Mathematics, which has given him a sense of important mental precision, an idea was formed in him that he wanted to be a chef when he "grew up".  In 2006, he rose to the helm of the President, achieving great things in a short time, first of all, one Michelin star. The introduction to his menu is "The success of gastronomy is the tradition. You just need to know how to interpret without nostalgia, " fully summarizes the idea of ​​cooking of Chef Gramaglia that becomes art through personal talent, creativity, inspiration and wisdom.

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