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Tianjin, July 1, 2018 –After the success in 2017 of raising fund for Shuai Shuai, a boy who required facial surgery treatment on his burns caused by an accident, The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin launched a new Community Footprint program and initiated a donation drive for a 12 years’ girl, Xin Xin.

In 2008, Xin Xin, who was just over a year old, arrived at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, a welfare home for at-risk, special-needs orphans under the Beijing Puyu Charity Foundation. Due to a serious heart condition, Xin Xin appeared smaller than children of her age. She looked pale and short of breath. Xin Xin underwent heart surgery in 2009 and made a smooth recovery.

In 2013, when Xin Xin was seven, her heart disease worsened, and she had to undergo second heart surgery. The surgery put her condition under control. After being discharged from the hospital, Xin Xin was a cheerful child. She went to school with her friends and developed an interest in painting. She aspired to be a painter when she grows up.

In 2018, Xin Xin was treated for infection in Beijing after discovering blood in her urine. Three weeks later, she was diagnosed with congenital renal insufficiency. The doctor said Xin Xin may require long-term dialysis or even a kidney transplant. Afterwards Xin Xin was admitted to the Pediatric Ward of the Kidney Transplant Department of Tianjin First Central Hospital due to abnormal urine test results. The test results did not look good. As she was suffering from a serious heart condition, even if a matching kidney became available, Xin Xin’s body would not be able to cope with the stress of kidney transplant surgery.

Currently at the age of 12 years, Xin Xin has to undergo dialysis three times a week, with each session lasting two hours. When her body becomes stronger, it will change to twice a week with each session lasting four hours. Her expenses are around RMB10,000/week (including hospitalization, dialysis). Xin Xin requires continuous dialysis.

Since opening its doors in 2013, The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin has always been committed to developing far-reaching public welfare activities with local communities. Through Community Footprint program, The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin has attracted more people to pay attention to their community. In 2017, the hotel raised RMB82,770 in donations for Shuai Shuai, a 10 years’ boy who required facial surgery treatment on his burns caused by an accident. Shuai Shuai successfully underwent a second surgery procedure this year.

After learning about Xin Xin’s case this year, the hotel initiated a donation drive for Xin Xin which started on 25 June, 2018. The hotel’s General Manager, Hugo Montanari is a strong advocate of community footprint programs. Hugo has taken part in a series of physical challenges in 2017 to drive the donation for helping Shuai Shuai successfully. This year, he will also take part in several physical challenges. To launch this program for helping Xin Xin, Hugo will participate in the 2018 IRONMAN in Frankfurt, Germany on July 8 to inspire others to offer their assistance to Xin Xin. The IRONMAN event is a combined sport called Triathlon, which includes 3.9km Swim, 180km Bicycle ride and 42.2km Run. For all other events, we will continue to highlight them closer to the date.

The Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin will actively participate in raising fund for Xin Xin’s treatment. In the next six months, they will extend their efforts to encourage more people to offer a helping hand to Xin Xin. Every kind donation and every bit of help goes a long way in fulfilling her dream. With all the kind wishes, we will pray for a miracle and hope that Xin Xin can return to health one day.

If you want to play a part in helping Xinxin or should there be more information required, please send your inquiry to our Director of Human Resources via