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Leading Travel Photographer Invites Local Photographers and International Influencers to Participate in an Unforgettable Journey

Tianjin, China, June 8, 2018 – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is pleased to announce the final phase in the brand’s ongoing partnership with world-famous photographer and influencer, Trey Ratcliff, who will head to China this summer.

As the final chapter of his “80 Stays Around the World” tour, Ratcliff will traverse China, staying at Ritz-Carlton hotels along the way and documenting his experience on social media. Ratcliff, an internationally known photographer, artist, writer and adventurer, will also engage with local photographers and international social influencers, partnering with them to co-create content and share #RCMemories that will inspire travelers around the world. Ratcliff’s photo tour has taken him across Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, capturing the attention of his global fanbase and inspiring travelers across the world.

“The Ritz-Carlton is dedicated to helping our guests create stories around their own meaningful journeys and empowering them to share these experiences with others. Trey Ratcliff is an artist who embodies these ideals and inspires global discovery,” said Lisa Holladay, Global Brand Leader, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “Following the successes of his previous tours, we are very much looking forward to seeing what Trey’s journey across China brings.”

During the month of June, Ratcliff will tour some of the most vibrant cities in China, from Beijing and Tianjin to Chengdu and Shanghai. In collaboration with The Ritz-Carlton, Ratcliff will spend 3 days in Tianjin from June 12 to June 14, immersing himself in both historic and modern destination through an intimate photo walk with local leading influencers of photography, Chen Yuefeng and Stephen Li.

For digital followers, The Ritz-Carlton and Ratcliff will host Facebook Live broadcasts from the destination activities with behind-the-scenes moments and interactions with well-known local and international personalities throughout the journey. The segments are always fun, special and surprising, as Ratcliff accepts live questions from the viewing audience to discuss his art, creativity, and inspiration.

Ratcliff is known globally for his images and stories, which capture the new, unexpected and beautiful in a destination. He also runs the leading travel photography website, Stuck in Customs, posting a new photo to the site each day. For more information regarding Ratcliff and the “80 Stays Around the World” tour of Southeast Asia and China, visit or To visually follow the tour, search hashtags #80Stays and #RCMemories, as well as destination hashtags, and follow @TreyRatcliff social media channels or @RitzCarlton on Instagram and Twitter.