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Planning Your Trip

With a staggering mix of cultural sights, stunning natural beauty and Old World charm, there’s no shortage of things to do in Geneva. Make the most of your time in this delightful city by bringing along a few necessities.

Planning Your Trip
What to Pack

If you plan to venture into the nearby Alps for a hike, be sure to bring along a sturdy pair of hiking boots. Soft-soled sneakers can be dangerous on uneven footing.

Exploring the City
  • There are few places more idyllic than Old Town Geneva. Enjoy afternoons spent walking through the mazelike streets of a city that dates back to medieval times.

  • While it’s tempting in a chic city like Geneva to don your most stylish shoes, you’d be wise to opt for comfort instead. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so pack good walking shoes.

  • Switzerland’s alpine geography means weather can be varied and unpredictable. Come prepared by bringing along a few pieces to layer, like a light sweater or cardigan and an overcoat.

  • If visiting in the winter, let your cold-weather wear double as chic accessories — cashmere scarves, faux-fur hats and leather driving gloves are perfect picks.
Fall Escape
  • Thanks to its crown jewels — Lake Geneva, the Rhône River and the nearby Alps — the city changes colors in autumn. From picnics in the park to walking in the vineyards, Geneva’s natural beauty is on full display.

  • Stroll the charming streets to shop at artisanal boutiques and craftsmen's studios in Carouge, Geneva’s small Italy. 

  • Walk through the historic building to the expansive outdoor terrace of Restaurant Les Armures to enjoy a variety of melting cheese fondues, along with seasonal savory dishes and a variety of decadent desserts.

  • Indulge in open-cellars days, wine-tasting events or private tours in the Lake Geneva region through charming historic villages and itineraries.
Evening Chic
  • Unique dining and nightlife experiences abound in this cosmopolitan city. Bring along a few stylish pieces to ensure you’re ready for every after-dark outing.

  • Geneva’s dress code is fairly casual, but for special dinners and shows, it’s best to err on the side of formal — sheath dresses or slim pantsuits for ladies, slacks and jackets for men.

  • Given the city’s close proximity to fashion hubs like Paris and Milan, it’s no surprise that the locals are style-conscious. Feel free to take a few fashion risks here, or play it safe and opt for all-black outfits.

  • Even in warmer months, nighttime temperatures can dip into the chilly zone, so be sure to bring a light jacket that can be paired with your evening wear.
Lake Front Balcony View
Lake Front Balcony View
Planning Your Trip
What to Reserve

While much of Geneva is best explored leisurely and at your own pace, there are a few standout sights, events and restaurants that you may want to plan for ahead of time.

Deluxe Lake View Room
Deluxe Lake View Room
Planning Your Trip

It’s no surprise that Lake Geneva defines the city of Geneva. Whether you are enjoying an old-fashioned boat tour out on the water or visiting the lively beaches loved by the locals, Geneva offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy being near the beautiful lake. The sleek sophistication of the city offers a foil, with stately buildings clustered on the shore and a worldly range of inhabitants, from the United Nations to the world’s top watchmakers. Don’t forget to enjoy top-rated international cuisine and buzzy cocktail bars to fill your days and nights.