Resort Pools

Planning Your Trip

Brimming with history and ringed with white-sand beaches and spectacular snorkeling destinations, St. Thomas, known as the gateway isle of the U.S. Virgin Islands, offers visitors a wide array of activities from historic tours to watersports. Here’s what to bring to take advantage of the best of the island.

A built-up shore overlooks boats on the water
A built-up shore overlooks boats on the water
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas
What To Pack

U.S. citizens traveling to St. Thomas are allowed a duty-free shopping quota of $1,600 — significantly larger than anywhere else in the world. If you plan on shopping, consider bringing an extra carry-on to bring home your purchases. If traveling to the British Virgin Islands, a valid passport and customs fee is required for entry.

Beach Vacation

With 30 acres of pristine oceanfront, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is ideal for swimming, sunning and generally relaxing on the water. Pack these essentials to make the most of your R&R:

  • Bring a few bathing suits. It’s best to have a fresh suit waiting while the suit from the morning’s dip is drying.

  • While the weather is generally in the 80s during the day and averages in the low 70s at night, it’s wise to bring a light layer or pashmina both to shield yourself from the sun and to ward off any chill from the air conditioning inside.

  • Be prepared for lots of sunny days on St. Thomas — bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen with SPF.
Resort Essentials

Life on the property is largely quite casual — bathing suits and flip-flops are de rigueur — so pack your favorite summer staples made for relaxing.

  • A fun caftan to throw on over a bathing suit or cotton or linen shorts and shirt outfit are good versatile items that will take you from a beachside cabana to a casual poolside lunch.

  • “Resort casual” is the dress code at Bleuwater and Essenza restaurants — meaning bathing suits and, for men, sleeveless shirts are not permitted — so bring an easy change of clothes if you’re planning on a dinner reservation at either spot.
Outdoor Adventure

There is a lot to do both on- and off-site, from sailing on the resort’s private catamaran to a day of private island hopping. Here’s what to bring to take advantage of every opportunity:

  • For hiking to hidden beaches as well as exploring shorelines on private isles, bring a pair of sturdy, nonslip and water-resistant shoes.

  • While snorkeling gear is included on any snorkeling activities, consider wearing a rash guard to protect skin, particularly children’s, from the sun.

  • Rainfall peaks in May and again around September. While the total rainfall often isn’t significant, it’s wise to bring a light waterproof layer.
Aerial view of the resort
Aerial view of the resort
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas
What To Reserve

It’s no wonder that St. Thomas is the most well-known of the three major U.S. Virgin Islands — pristine white beaches, elevated dining experiences, exciting outdoor activities and year-round sunshine make it an ideal destination. Here’s what to schedule before you visit to make the most of your time. 

Infinity-Edge Pool
Infinity-Edge Pool
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

As the gateway island to the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is ripe with history and dramatic scenic beauty. Its capital city, Charlotte Amalie, was founded by Dutch explorers in the 17th century and is now a major cruise ship port, as well as a popular destination for snorkelers, scuba divers, eco-tourists and beachgoers. With vibrant blue water, pristine beaches and plenty of museums, landmarks — including a pirate watchtower — and fine bars and restaurants to explore, St. Thomas is primed for both relaxation and adventure.