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Planning Your Trip

Just an hour from Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah offers tranquility, the splendors of nature, and the adventure of the desert all in one luxurious location. From fine dining to a sunset camel caravan, here is what to bring to make the most of every moment.  

A woman atop a camel being led by a man in traditional Bedouin dress

Outdoor Adventure

The northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is a haven for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, boasting untouched beaches and a virtually unlimited desert landscape to explore. Here’s what to pack:


  • Sunscreen with a high SPF is essential as sunshine is plentiful year-round and temperatures can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • From nature drives to stargazing, there is ample opportunity to be outdoors all day. Pack lightweight layers to be prepared for shifting weather. While sun and warmth are virtually guaranteed, temperatures can dip into the 50s in the evening, particularly during winter.
  • Consider bringing a lightweight backpack or satchel to tote essentials like a refillable water bottle, layers and a camera while on your treks.

Day Trips

A short drive from the resort is a multitude of fascinating cultural experiences, from the hustle and bustle of Dubai to Al Jazeera Al Hamra. A few staple items are essential:


  • Whether you’re exploring the metropolis of Dubai or the 19th-century Dhayah Fort, a pair of sensible walking shoes is a must.
  • A hat or head covering is essential from sunup until sundown — the sun’s rays can be quite strong year-round.
  • Modest attire is recommended. While sleeveless shirts are suitable for a trek in the mountains, out of respect to the local community, visitors are advised to wear lightweight pants and shirts with sleeves while in the cities.  
Evening view into a warmly illuminated villa from a private pool

Winter Vacation

When winter comes and temperatures drop in Ras Al Khaimah, the northern emirate becomes a haven for enjoying the restorative sea breezes or catching a healthy winter tan.


  • Don’t forget to pack a camera. The winter lights are particularly stunning, and the spectacular hues of the sunrises and sunsets are something you’ll want to capture.
  • Don’t be fooled by the high daytime temperatures and bright sunshine. Come nighttime, the desert temperatures can drop precipitously and it is wise to have a jacket on hand.
  • Even in the middle of the desert, in winter, bring a swimsuit. Each of the 101 villas has a private pool, sun lounger and sun bed. Just remember sunscreen with SPF.  

Don’t Forget:

Pack a lightweight shawl or scarf. It will come in handy if temperatures dip into the 50s in the desert, as shade when the sun is high in the sky, and as a head covering when visiting nearby mosques.

From exquisite dining in the desert under the stars to a day at the Equestrian Center, from an afternoon at the spa to a day trip to a 14th-century fishing village, plan ahead to ensure you experience a few one-of-a-kind activities.

Spa Appointments

Towel Icon

The Al Wadi Spa takes guests on a journey to the Emirati desert with a menu of rituals and treatments inspired by local traditions and lifestyle and prepared with signature Arabian ingredients. Arrange for the 150-minute Royal Wadi experience — a cooling aloe lavender healer is applied, followed by a scrub, massage and jade face massage.  

Dining Reservations

Just as Bedouins have dined in the desert for centuries, Destination Dining is a culinary experience that allows guests to choose a private spot around the resort to enjoy a bespoke dining experience. Spend a memorable evening in the Al Wadi Tower — modeled after a traditional Arabian watchtower — while the resort’s chefs prepare a completely custom meal served by a personal waiter. Or arrange for a more casual barbecue under the star-lit desert sky with a personal chef and butler to tend to your every need.  

Outdoor Excursions

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There is so much to do for guests of all ages. Of particular note is the Interactive Falcon Show, an event that takes place an hour before sunset and offers guests the opportunity to learn about and interact with birds-of-prey like falcons, hawks and owls before watching a spectacular desert sunset.  The on-site Al Wadi Equestrian Center is another unique feature. The complex offers horse, pony and camel rides, including a sunset camel caravan and, just for younger guests, the Pony Splash — the opportunity to wash and groom their pony before rewarding it with treats.  

Day Trips

Myriad excursions are within a short drive of the resort: Al Jazeera Al Hamra, the Persian Gulf’s oldest and most intact fishing village that showcases 14th-century Emirati architecture; Dubai and its skyscrapers, malls, the Wild Wadi Waterpark, and more, is just an hour away; Fujairah is two hours away and is home to the oldest mosque in the UAE; the Old Souq offers everything from fabric and gold to a fish market and teahouses; and the nearby pearl farm offers the chance to explore the history of pearl farming, open an oyster and keep whatever treasure might be found inside.   

Dubai’s quiet counterpart, Ras Al Khaimah is a relaxed countryside destination full of natural beauty. With craggy mountain ranges, lush palm-dotted valleys and warm terracotta sand deserts, the region is home to sporting and cultural activities alike. Find out how ancient civilizations lived in the region or embrace modernity with a zip-line down from a peak. From camel rides to stargazing among the dunes, you’ll find timeless pursuits in a place of enduring natural beauty.

Two men in traditional Bedouin attire lead camels through the desert

Countryside Pleasures

Ras Al Khaimah is the bucolic countryside to Dubai’s bustling big city. With white-sand beaches, jagged mountains and terracotta sand filling the desert dunes, the beautiful landscape is a study in contrasts. Spend time enjoying the thrills of desert adventure and being at peace with a vast nature in turns. Get ready to discover what makes Ras Al Khaimah so unique.



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Exterior view of sand-colored, multi-level villas enclosed by privacy walls and surrounded by the desert and sky

Cultural Treasures

Ras Al Khaimah combines history with modern Arabic culture for a mixture that’s hard to replicate. With a culture dating back thousands of years, archaeological sites sit next to traditional souqs and camel tracks. Set in a backdrop of warm, golden deserts and white-sand beaches, the confluence of the modern and the ancient is a uniquely appealing mix. From forts to desert dinners, experience the culture of Ras Al Khaimah firsthand.


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