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Aruba’s Natural Elements
Central to the Spa experience are the four natural elements of Fire, Water, Sky and Earth blended into signature treatments, each with ingredients and techniques specifically designed to rejuvenate and restore with a focus on Aruba’s natural elements, including:

Sky – Zoya Hamaca experencia
This hammock massage delivers a sense of weightless pampering inspired by Aruba’s vast open skies.

Water – Awa awakening treatment
Aruba’s water ranks as some of the best in the world. The treatment begins with a body scrub followed by a massage with oils made from local flowers.

Earth – Dushi Tera treatment
An organic facial is performed followed by a black stone massage with local stones and an organic body wrap with red mud combined with aloe oil.

Fire – Candela Deseo treatment
The perfect couple’s treatment begins with a body scrub made from freshly derived Aruban honey. An aromatherapy massage is performed paired with an herbal-infused soothing lotion.