P.O. Box 23400, Doha, West Bay Lagoon Qatar
Phone:  +974 4484 8000   •  Map & Directions

Second Chance Rescue

Upon Request, November and December 2014

2nd Chance Rescue is a nonprofit, no kill Rescue Shelter which takes in injured, abused and abandoned animals; nurses them back to health, and works effortlessly to find them their loving forever home. Volunteers will be transported to the animal shelter to meet with care-takers and the non-profit’s organizer, where they will learn about the current state on animal well-being in the country. Volunteers will then walk the dogs and help the shelter with day to day tasks such as fixing and maintaining the shelters, ensuring the animals have food and water, and more.

The guest will be charged for transportation to and from the shelter as well as a small fee for refreshments and lunch.

Activity is available upon request in November and December. Please allow one week’s notice for participation.