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Planning Your Trip

As the capital of Qatar, Doha maintains a perfect blend of modern and traditional. It boasts cosmopolitan flavor and dazzling architectural masterpieces while holding on to its rich history and local cuisine. Here’s what to pack for your trip to this exciting city.

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What to Pack

It practically never rains in Qatar, but when it does, it comes in the form of heavy thunderstorms — which can be a welcome treat in summer. Pack an umbrella to prepare for the unexpected.

Business Travel

Doha is a rapidly developing city, which makes it a vibrant economic hub. But be sure to keep in mind when packing that Qatar is still a conservative country, and you’ll want to dress accordingly.


  • Though suits are rarely worn in the region, bring one for important meetings or events. Make sure it’s dark-colored and has enough ventilation for Doha’s hot climate.

  • Trousers, long-sleeved shirts and ties are standard for men.

  • For women, dresses and skirts that hit below the knee are the norm. Make sure your sleeves are at least three-quarters length and be modest with your neckline.
Summer Escape

Temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summers (which are long, going from May through September) while winters hover in the 60s and 70s. Maximize your comfort by packing versatile and easy separates.


  • A pair of flat sandals or sneakers will be best for sightseeing and partaking in water activities.

  • Don’t skimp on sun protection! Bring plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.

  • Pack modest layers (linen shirts and loose trousers) along with a few sweaters for chilly nights and air-conditioned indoors.
Cultural Considerations

Visitors to Qatar aren’t required to wear traditional clothing like abayas or cover their hair, but there are certain customs to follow when out in public.


  • You’ll want to bring a selection of swimsuits but keep in mind that they are only appropriate at the beach or in the resort. Walking around town in just bikinis and cover-ups is forbidden.

  • Leave low-cut shirts, strappy dresses, crop tops and shorts at home — anything too revealing can be considered disrespectful. Also, be sure hemlines fall below the knee.

  • If you must wear anything sleeveless, be sure to pack scarves or pashminas to cover your shoulders when out and about.
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What to Reserve

From world-class museums to a diverse dining scene, Doha is a hotbed of activity and culture. Its perch on the picturesque blue waters of the Persian Gulf is an added bonus — as are the deserts nearby, from which you can fulfill your “Arabian Nights” fantasies. Below, some ideas for your itinerary.

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Ritz Carlton Hotel image

From modern malls to traditional souks, Doha is an innovative city that blends the past and present seamlessly. The Qatari capital is a metropolitan powerhouse in the Arab world, with an unmatched collection of Islamic art, a dominating presence on the international sporting scene and endless funds for development. So whether you’re seeking a desert adventure or want to spend time learning about Qatari culture, Doha is sure to delight.