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Ambassadors Naturalists and Policies

Ambassadors Naturalists

The naturalists of Ambassadors of the Environment are more than just guides—they are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to share and explore the wonder of the natural world with you. All naturalists have college degrees in a wide range of science fields and have experience working with young people. They are First Aid, CPR and Water Safety certified and are trained by Jean-Michel Cousteau’s team. Additional trainings are frequently held by the by renowned marine biologist, photographer and educator, Dr. Richard Murphy, the chief scientist with the Cousteaus for more than 40 years. For Ambassadors Kids activities, two adults supervise a maximum of ten children (Ages 4-7), and for Ambassadors Youth activities, two adults supervise a maximum of twelve Ambassadors (ages 8 and up).

Ambassadors Terms, Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please outfit all children with a swimsuit for all day-time activities. 

  • Reservations for all activities are required and must be made a minimum of three hours in advance. Parents will be required to sign a waiver before their children participate in an activity. 

  • Due to liability reasons, all children must be at least 4 years of age and bathroom independent. All 4 and 5 year olds must arrive with proof of age upon registration. Children ages 8+ are welcome to join activities for ages 4-7; however, younger children (ages 4-7) may not join activities for ages 8+. 

  • For safety reasons, Naturalists reserve the right to require any individual to wear a personal floatation device during water-based activities. 

  • Activities are subject to weather conditions and may change. We reserve the right to cancel activities if there are no sign-ups by 5 p.m. for the next morning’s activities or three hours before the afternoon and evening activities. 

  • All activities begin and end at the Ambassadors Heritage House located next to the Blue Tip Golf Club House, behind Periwinkle Restaurant. 

  • Water entry for all snorkeling excursions is from the shore. There is no boat utilized for our activities at this time. 

  • Please note that if you wish to change or cancel your activity, you must contact Ambassadors of the Environment at +1 (345) 815-6120 or resort extension 6120, 24 hours in advance to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. 

  • Families with children under the age of 4 can utilize the Ambassadors’ Heritage House with parent/guardian supervision during times it is not being used for activities. The Ambassadors’ Splash Pool is also open daily for children of all ages.

Available upon request

Blue Iguana Recovery Programme –Give Back Getaway*
Assist the Warden in preserving the endangered Blue Iguanas in the world’s most successful conservation programme. Wear sunscreen, bring a hat and avoid wearing brightly colored nail polish.
This opportunity is available only to The Ritz-Carlton guests.
*All proceeds benefit the Recovery Programme.
8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. // Ages 12 - Adult // US $150 

Star Gazing
Mystery and awe abounds when exploring the vast galaxy above us. A closer look at the night sky will help to engender a sense of place in the cosmos. Away from the glare of the big city lights, spend time looking through our high-powered telescope to reveal the moon’s craters and some of our neighboring planets.

We may see such wonders as the great storm on Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. As night falls our knowledgeable Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment trained Naturalist will greet you and explain how to navigate the night sky.
30 minutes // Ages 4-Adult // US $75 for 2 guests

Adult & Family Activities
Private activities can be created for any family, couple or group. If you would like to experience an activity on a day it is not offered, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Families with children under the age of 4 can utilize the Ambassadors’ Heritage House with parent/guardian supervision during times it is not being used for activities. The Ambassadors’ Turtle Splash Pool is also open daily for children of all ages!

Birthday parties can be customized for kids of all ages! Pick from a variety of themes and activities. Please contact us for details.

Extended Hours
Extended hours of supervision are available for participants of our programs at a charge of US $30 per hour (or part thereof) per person. If desired, lunch and/or dinner can be provided, where not already stated, for an additional charge to the guest. Please contact Ambassadors of the Environment for more information.

For further information or to make reservations, please contact us at (345) 815-6120 or