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Culinary Arts

Choose from our elaborated choice of dining for your special meeting. Your occasion deserve the special attention to detail The Ritz-Carlton is world-famous for providing.


Dill marinated salmon terrine, kaffir lime tartare sauce
Cajun beef salad
Buffalo chicken pasta salad
New parsley cream potato salad
Gourmet salad mix; cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, carrot julienne, corn kernels
Vinaigrette, creamy garlic, Japanese, cocktail dressings

Chicken, basil, vegetable, macaroni

Main Presentation
Coffee braised Australian beef short ribs
Herbed cherry tomato yoghurt baked white snapper
Barbecued Mexican spice rubbed chicken, corn salsa
Baked shiitake mushroom, macaroni cheese
Spanish vegetable bread casserole
Fried onion rice pilaf
Lyonnaise potatoes

Almond fruit tart
Thin apple rosemary tart, vanilla anglaise
Chocolate fudge cake
Fruit tartlets
Passionfruit curd biscotti
Sliced fresh fruit presentation


Balinese chicken salad
Indonesian seafood salad
Thai beef salad
Tuna Niçoise salad
Marinated salmon, mustard dill dressing
Chinese roast duck
German potato salad

Mushroom cream soup, pesto

Hot Presentations
Makassar barbecued shrimp
Beef medallion, mushroom sauce
Sweet sour fish fillet
Barbecued chicken Taliwang
Sauteed mixed vegetables
Roasted Caesar potatoes wedges
Steamed white rice

Chef in Attendance
Maple lime planked salmon;
Egg dill sauce, mirin tartare sauce

Duo of chocolate brownies
Apple tart tartin
Caramel nougat cake
Chocolate fudge cake
Fruit tartlets
Mango strawberry mousse glasses
Sliced fresh fruit platter

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Tables
Cheese, paprika straws
Honey sesame nuts

Canapés; Butler & Table Service
Cheddar ratatouille tartlets, pesto roasted cherry tomato
Smoked salmon, crispy chou croute, mustard canapé
Seared veal tataki, wasabi crispy silken tofu
Chicken liver croute, cumberland sauce
Vietnamese style fresh prawn rice roll wrap

Hot Presentations
Southern fried chicken, blue cheese celery dip
Honey soy beef bell pepper skewers
Salmon cucumber quiche
Prawn vegetable kariagge, soya turnip dipping sauce
Hommos dressed lamb kofte filled pita pockets

Pastry Selection
White, dark chocolate brownies
Fruit, berry mousse glasses with glazed mini doughnuts
Japanese cheese cake cups
Chocolate truffle cake slice
Crème filled biscotti

International BBQ Menu

Tuna Niçoise salad
Balinese vegetable salad
Gado gado
German potato salad

Tomato coriander soup, multi grain croutons
Bread rolls, imported butter

Harissa barbecued beef brisket
Chicken sate
Cumin lamb kofte kebab
Taliwang chicken
Bumbu Bali marinated fish in banana leaf

Sambal, tomato ketchup, barbecue sauce,
Chilli sauce, tomato chutney, mayonnaise

Hot Presentation
Turmeric fried rice
Lemony sautéed string beans
Garlic roasted new potatoes

Es kacang
Pandan cake
Strawberry ricotta cheesecake
Banana fritters “Molen”, caramel and vanilla sauces
Fresh fruit presentation

High Tea Menu

Hot Presentations
Cocktail beef pie
Mushroom bitter ballen croquettes
Mini brie quiche

Cheddar & chutney finger sandwiches
Chicken celeriac finger sandwiches
Roast beef grain mustard finger sandwiches

Pastry Selection
Rich fruit cake
White, dark chocolate brownies
Lemon curd biscotti glasses with glazed mini doughnuts
Soft oreo cheese cake cups
Chocolate truffle cake slice
Crème filled biscotti

Coffee Break Menu

  • Chicken siew mai 
  • Fried prawn dumplings 
  • Steamed chicken pao 
  • Prawn spring rolls 
  • Vegetable samosas 
  • Chicken curry puff 
  • Mini chicken martabak 
  • Fried wanton sweet sour sauce 
  • Bitterballen mustard sauce 
  • Cocktail spinach cheese calzone 
  • Beef sausage rolls 
  • Pastel sayuran saus kacang 
  • Perkedel kentang jagung 
  • Lemper bakar 
  • Beef rissole, chili dipping sauce 
  • Southern fried chicken wings 
  • Vietnamese style caramelized chicken wings 
  • Fried prawn pangsit, sweet chili sauce 
  • Cocktail beef pies 
  • Salmon cucumber turnover 
  • Lamb samosa plum sauce 
  • Fried bean curd chicken, vegetable filling 
  • Siomay Bandung 
  • Vegetable samosa, mango chutney 
  • Cocktail potato, cheese quiche 
  • Otak otak 
  • Assorted finger sandwiches; chicken, tuna 
  • Assorted mini sandwich rolls; chicken mayonnaise, roast beef, egg salad 
  • Lotus paste onde onde 
  • Seared chicken sui kao 
  • Fried prawn cha kwe 
  • Chinese egg tart 
  • Crispy yam taro, chicken 
  • Prawn bean curd skin 
  • Mini individual pastel tutup. 
  • Warm dadar gulung isi sapi sayur 
  • Bumbu putih marinated chicken pieces 
  • Combro; cassava perkedel

  • Brownies 
  • French pastries 
  • Fruit tartlets 
  • Tiramisu squares 
  • Chocolate chip apple crumble tartlets 
  • Chocolate mousse glasses 
  • Chocolate éclair assortment 
  • Fruit jelly glasses 
  • English fruit cakes 
  • American chocolate fudge cake 
  • Almond croissant 
  • Morning danish pastries, 
  • Morning cake assortment; banana, moist orange, fruit cake 
  • Crème caramel 
  • Warm chocolate bread butter pudding 
  • Fried banana pisang goreng, vanilla sauce 
  • Indonesian layer cake selection 
  • Indonesian sweet assortment 
  • Serabi palm sugar coconut sauce 
  • Chocolate chip brownie 
  • Fruitcake trifle glasses 
  • Baked apple mascarpone tart 
  • Almond white chocolate gateau 
  • Creme brulee tartlet 
  • Mango crème brulee 
  • Coconut crème caramel 
  • Tangerine white chocolate opera cake 
  • Lime panna cotta glasses 
  • Mango cream puff 
  • Paris brest 
  • Raspberry chocolate tart 
  • Cappuccino chocolate cake 
  • Upside down cheese cake 
  • Fresh baked almond croissant 
  • Fresh baked mini danish pastries 
  • Assortment muffins 
  • Blueberry scones 
  • Shanghai custard tart 
  • Bread butter pudding 
  • Bubur sum sum 
  • Pisang goreng, saus gula jawa 
  • Kue putu mayang