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Out of the Blue

Tuesday to Saturday

For those coveting the world-class flavors of Blue by Eric Ripert, but in the ultimate casual setting, we invite you to experience Out of the Blue.

Presenting tasting-menu sizes of the restaurant’s award-winning cuisine, this new dining experience features two, three or four courses, served on a first-come/first-served basis, available only in the Blue lounge or bar area. Our chefs will decide your included courses “out of the blue.” based upon each day’s catch and fresh harvests. Out of the Blue features limited seating, special pricing and a shorter service time, with no reservations accepted. Optional wine pairings are available for this new tasting experience.

Let us surprise and delight you with the following Out of the Blue options:

  • Two Tasting Courses: $35CI
  • Three Tasting Courses: $50CI
  • Four Tasting Courses: $65 CI
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