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Upward interior view of a soaring, square tower where wine bottles cover almost the entirety of all four sides

Anticipate the possibilities that each new day brings. Fill your days and nights with excursions, themed events, fine dining and more. Indulge in as much or as little as you please. The choice is yours.

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For enquiries or reservations, please contact (8621) 2020 1717.

*Prices below are subject to 15% service charge.



Every day at lunch starting from April, 2018

Jin Xuan’s Dim Sum Selection

A delectable selection of Dim Sum showcase the full range of Cantonese cooking styles mastered by Dim Sum Chef, Roy, over his 18-year career. Every creation is a work of aesthetic beauty to admire before you savor the sumptuous flavors. Our Tea Master will be on hand to help you select the best accompaniment to your Dim Sum from our selection of fine Chinese teas. The weekend Dim Sum Lunch Set Menu will also be available at RMB688* per person.


Starting from April, 2018

Spring Flavors Gin Tonic

The classic combination of gin and tonic water always refreshes the palate, but Aura’s stylish Gin Book introduces a medley of new concept gin cocktails. Some are stylish and sophisticated, and others daringly spectacular. If you are feeling really creative, you can conjure up a gin cocktail of your own. Our gin trolley carries a worldwide selection of gins, available by the glass, bottle, or even by the flight if you’d like to compare them.


A Journey around Italy Starting from March, 2018

From snow-capped mountains to dazzling coastlines to majestic cities, Italy is a spectacular country of vibrant contrasts. Like her geography and people, Italy’s food is diverse and welcoming. Chef Matteo is proud to host a semi-brunch buffet in which he invites you on a tour of the cuisine of his homeland.

Easter Brunch
April 1, 2018

Enjoy Easter with all the family in Scena. Children will be entertained by an Easter Egg Hunt Adventure and Egg Painting activities, and adults can kick back and enjoy the food, views and a free flow of juice and beer. RMB528* per person.

When Oyster Meets Caviar
Starting from April, 2018

The only way to savor oysters is to eat them fresh, and we have three of the most flavorsome varieties for you to enjoy. Additionally, a selection of Kaluga caviar will be on hand to savor. Such a treat deserves the Champagne and Chablis choices our sommelier will have on ice for you.


Starting from April, 2018

Guest Bartenders

Flair continues its tradition of bar room magic with visits from world famous guest bartenders.



Starting from May, 2018


French Pastry Chef, Jean-Luc, has created a new assortment of flavored éclairs including Raspberry, Bergamot, Vanilla Pecan, Triple Chocolate and Paris-Brest. Enjoy them at Aura or take away a presentation box as a gift.


Starting from May, 2018

Lobster Promotion

It’s lobster season and Chef Matteo demonstrates his skill and the delicious results of carefully selecting different cooking techniques for different lobster species. To complement this crustacean treat our Scena sommelier offers you a champagne and white wine selection.  


Terrace Re-opening Party Starting from May, 2018

Spring is here and so is nightlife on the Flair Terrace. Join us as we celebrate the return of DJs and dancing to the rooftop bar and terrace. A night of chic fun amidst the cool crew is guaranteed.

Flair Opens for Afternoon Tea
Starting from May, 2018

Discover the brand new Flair afternoon tea with us from May. Drop in to savor the views and flavors of a creative afternoon tea presentation worthy of one of Shanghai’s trendiest locales. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 2 p.m.-5 p.m. are not to be missed!

For enquiries or reservations, please contact (86 21) 2020 1717 or

*Price above is subject to 15% service charge.

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