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A luxury hotel located in the heart of the city overlooking the Bosphorus

The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, is a perfect blend of culture, hospitality and sophistication at the heart of the world’s crossroads between Asia and Europe Istanbul where past and present blends vividly and history endures in its monuments, museums, palaces, bazaars and street life overlooking the Bosphorus shores. The city was home to some of the world’s most important empires (the Eastern Roman Empire, between 330-1054, the Byzantine Empire between 1054 to 1453, and the Ottoman Empire between 1453 – 1923) and finally became the most important city of the Republic of Turkey. Formerly called Constantinople and finally named Istanbul this city impresses all by its strategic location as a meeting point spreading over Asia and Europe continents and is surrounded by Marmara and the Black Seas.


For centuries, Istanbul’s craftsmen, artists and architects have created beautiful works admired around the world. From soaring domes to hand-carved, inlaid furniture, explore the city’s grand treasures and learn about its long tradition of artistry and design.

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