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On this two hours private cruise, we use a luxury motorboat to take us from the southern part of the Bosphorus Strait all the way to the north, discovering different neighborhoods (that were once former fishing villages) along the way. During the yacht cruise, the private tour guide shows and explains the most interesting landmarks, monuments and neighbourhoods along the Bosphorus shores. The timing of the tour is flexible and can be determined by the hotel guest.

This tour is for anyone that is tired of walking around the city and would like to see it from a new glamorous perspective.

Upon request, food and alcoholic beverages can be served on board for an extra cost - to be paid cash on board. Tea, coffee and water are complimentary.|

There are three different variations of Glamorous Bosphorus:

  • Turkish Breakfast Cruise (2 hours): Enjoy a delicious Turkish breakfast in between two continents. A typical breakfast menu will be Turkish cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumber, honey and clotted cream (bal & kaymak), simit, tea and Turkish coffee.
  • Sunset Cocktail Cruise (2 hours): Sip your drinks while cruising through the enchanting shores of Bosphorus Strait. Please keep in mind that you can end your cruise in one of those fancy Bosphorus restaurants located by the shores of the water.
  • Dinner on-board (2 hours): A great dinner experience on-board while you admire the city from the water. You can choose among the fish or meat menus.