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On this tour, we cruise towards Princes’ Islands; an archipelago of nine islands very close to each other. Your local guide will introduce you the islands as you stroll through them. While cruising to the islands, you will watch the minarets of old Ottoman mosques on the historical peninsula shrink into the distance as we glide towards the Princes' Islands. With great views of Istanbul from the water, seagulls, frequent dolphin sightings, the sound of the wind and of course the sunset, this is a truly unique experience.

You’ll also have a chance to see the car-free leafy oases that are the Princes’ Islands, lined with grand Ottoman mansions and stunning architecture - you’ll feel like you’ve sailed back  in time. These beautiful wooded islands are completely car-free, home to a friendly community and steeped in Byzantine and Ottoman history.

You will have amazing photo opportunities in this tour, so make sure to bring your camera.

This tour is for anyone that wants  to make the most of beautiful weather and leave the city behind.

It would be our pleasure to assist your needs, please directly contact with us ( for more details about the tours in the city.