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The spa’s Hydro-Vital Pool offers both nourishment and indulgence using water to focus on different parts of the body. The pool’s five zones can be completed as a circuit with the guidance of a therapist or individually to target a specific area.

Serenity Zone
An air-bubble bench stimulates muscles and relaxes the body, preparing it for the hydrotherapy circuit.

Reflex Zone
Bottom air jets focus water on the soles of the feet, energizing them and improving blood circulation.

Rejuvenation Zone
Vertical massage jets focus on the entire body, alleviating muscle tension and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

De-Stress Zone
A Swan Neck Shower and Waterfall Shower focus intense pressure on the upper back and shoulders to relieve muscle tension.

Relaxation Zone
A massage lounger uses water to gently soothe and calm the body; the perfect way to end the circuit.