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Adult Activities
The Ambassadors team will provide your group with a creative, competitive and most importantly, FUN event! Stimulate camaraderie and team development in a non-competitive or competitive atmosphere as guests engage in a variety of fun excursions, games and activities designed to build communication skills and trust among teammates. Choose from a variety of programs based on interests such as land, water, culture and sustainability.

Features a combination of teambuilding and volunteer activities. Support local conservation efforts by participating in the enhancement of strategically chosen and culturally significant locations. Measure your group’s impact with a literal “before & after” evaluation; immediate gratification for participants and immediate appreciation from the ‘aina (land) and local community. These activities are customized to accommodate your group's time allotment and are focused on participating in projects that are needed in the community with our non-profit 501(c)3 partners.

Children’s Activities
Let us create a memorable event for the children in your group. The Ambassadors team will customize exciting and unique day and evening activities for children ages five and up. Environmental exploration and cultural discovery is included in each of our diverse program options led by friendly and fun naturalists. Our expert staff is highly trained, CPR/First Aid certified and has completed identification back ground checks providing the ultimate care for your children.