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From the moment of arrival, we welcome kids to The Ritz-Carlton by encouraging them to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel and its environment. Guided by playfulness and a sense of wonder, Ritz Kids delights and engages your children to interact with their surroundings in a fresh and exciting way, while introducing them to the four important pillars of Ritz Kids discovery: Water, Land, Environmental Responsibility and Culture.

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis offers junior guests a variety of special services and amenities, including:

  • V.I.K. (Very Important Kids) program including special registration
    at our V.I.K. Registration Desk upon arrival and a scavenger hunt of
    the hotel
  • P.O.L.O. (Protecting Our Little Ones) program including covers for outlets/faucets, and an emergency kit 
  • Child care services available through our concierge

Junior guests at The Ritz-Carlton enjoy menu items made especially for their particular tastes.

To Start

Chicken Noodle Soup - 5.00
Fresh Fruit Plate - 5.00
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich - 4.00


Hot Dog and Fries - 6.00
Cheeseburger - 8.00
Pepperoni Pizza - 8.00
Fried Chicken Fingers, Honey Mustard - 8.00
Macaroni and Cheese - 8.00


Milk, Chocolate Milk - 1.50
Soft Drinks - 1.00
Lemonade - 1.00
Iced Tea - 1.00
Fruit Juices - 1.00


Strawberry Short Cake - 7.00
The Ultimate Chocolate Cake - 7.00
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream - 7.00